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我们是一群乐活族(LOHAS), 快团团里大多是我们生态圈里自己在吃在用的东西。如果您喜欢健康生态食材(专注自然农法、有机零添加、素食)和环保居家用品(含生活洗护、美妆护肤、儿童用品等等),欢迎订阅关注《乐活地球》,或转发给需要的朋友,一起共建与万物和谐共生,与自然相融的生态圈!

We are a LOHAS community that cares for health, nature, and sustainability. We promote plant-based food/products that are organic, natural, and safe.

Many of us are inspired by natural farming and permaculture. If you or your friends are interested in eco-friendly groceries and daily necessities (from household items to cosmetics), please follow us at Kuaituantuan (scan the QR code above).