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    Lawrence Sterne to Miss L.

    Yes! I will steal from the world, and not a babbling tongue shall tell where I am. Echo shall not so much as whisper my hiding place. Suffer the imagination to permit it as a little sun-light cottage, on the side of a romantic hill. Dost thou think I will leave love and friendship behind me? No! They shall be my companions in solitude, for they will sit down and rise up with me in the amiable form of my L ... We will be as merry and as innocent as our first parents in Paradise, before the arch-fiend entered that indescribable scene.

    The kindest affections will have room to shoot and expand in our retirement, and produce such fruit as madness and envy and ambition have always killed in the bud. Let the human tempest and hurricane rage at a distance, the desolation is beyond the horizon of peace. My L... has seen a polyanthus blow in December ... me friendly wall has sheltered it from the biting wind. No planetary influence shall reach us but that which presides and cherishes the sweetest flowers. God preserve us! How delightful this prospect in idea! We will build and we will plant, in our own way ...simplicity shall not be tortured by art. We will learn of nature how to live ... she shall be our alchemist, to mingle all the good of life in one salubrious draught. The gloomy family of care and distrust shall be banished from our dwelling, guarded by the kind and tutelary deity. We will sing our choral songs of gratitude and rejoice to the end of our pilgrimage.

    Adieu, my L ...

    Return to one who languishes for your society.











    Juliette Drouet to Victor Hugo

    Oh! Think of me, my sweet beloved, so that I may feel it and so that your joy amid your delightful family, your kind friends and admirers may not be changed into bitterness and grief for me. Think of me. of whom you are the life and soul. Think of my love so profound, so pure, and so devoted, and wish I were with you. I am going to bed praying God for you and yours. I trust my prayers will not be fruitless, as I am asking for their happiness and yours, should it be at the cost of my own life. If you knew how I need to know that you are happy, my beloved, almost as much as to know I am loved by you! I love you, more than anything else in the world. Enjoy your success, this evening, my Victor, your beauty, your genius, and be happy with your delightful family. I will be proud and happy myself, provided amid all this you do not forget me. Above all I do not wish to importune or compromise you. I only want to love you to my last sight.







    Shelley to Elizabeth Hitchhiker

    Your letter of the 1st hath this moment reached me. I answer it according to our agreement, which shall be inviolable. Truly did you say that, at our arising in the morning, Nature assumes a different aspect. Who could have conjectured the circumstances of my last letter? Friend of my soul, this is terrible, dismaying: it makes one's heart sink, it withers vital energy... dear being, I am thine again; the happiness shall again predominate over this fleeting tribute to self-interest. Yet who would not feel now? Oh'twere as reckless a task to endeavor to annihilate perception while sense existed, as to blunt the sixth sense to such impressions as these! ... Forgive me, dearest friend? I pour out my whole soul to you. I write by fleeting intervals: my pen runs away with my senses. The impassionateness of my sensations grows upon me. Your letter, too, has much affected me. Never, with my consent, shall that intercourse cease which has been the day-dawn of my existence, the sun which has shed warmth on the cold drear length of the anticipated prospect of life. Prejudice might demand the sacrifice, but she is an idol to whom we bow not. The world might demand it; its opinion might require; but the cloud which flees over yon mountain were as important to our happiness, to our usefulness. This must never be, never whilst this existence continues; and when time has enrolled us in the list of the departed, surely this friendship will survive to bear our identity to heaven. What is love, or friendship? Is it something material ... a ball, an apple, a plaything ... which must be taken from one to be given to another? Is it capable of no extension, no communication? Lord Kaimes defines love to be a particularization of the general passion. But this is the love of sensation, of sentiment ... the absurdest of absurd vanities: it is the love of pleasure, not the love of happiness. The one is a love which is selfcentered, selfinterested: It desires its own interest; it is the parent of jealousy. Its object is the plaything which it desires to monopolize. Selfishness, monopoly, is its very soul, and to communicate to others part of this love were to destroy its essence, to annihilate this chain of straw. But love, the love which we worship , ... virtue, heaven, disinterestedness ... in a word, Friendship ... which has as much to do with the senses as with yonder mountains; that which seeks the good of all ... the good of its object first, not because that object is a minister to its Pleasures, not merely because it even contributes to its happiness, but because it is really worthy, because it has powers, sensibilities, is capable of abstracting itself, and loving virtue's own loveliness ... desiring the happiness of others not from the obligation of fearing the happiness of others not from the obligation of fearing hell or desiring heaven: but for pure, simple, unsophisticated virtue. You will soon hear again. Adieu, my dearest friend. Continue to believe that when I am insensible to your excellence, I shall cease to exist.



    我刚才收到您1号的来信,按我们之间的约定给您复信,这一约定是不可违背的。你确实说过,在我们早起的时候,大自然总是有不同的面貌。谁能猜想到我上次写信的境况呢?我心灵的知己,这太可怕,太令人沮丧了。我的心为之一沉,浑身的锐气消磨殆尽……亲爱的心,我又是您的了,这幸福又将压倒我这短暂的孤芳自赏。然而在这种时候,谁又不会有相同的感受呢? 啊,如果一息尚存而欲对其不闻不问岂非与使第六感觉对这样一些印象变得迟钝同样的不顾后果了吗?最亲爱的朋友,能宽恕我吗? 我把整个心都掏给您了。几度举笔,笔不从心。但我理智的情感终于又涌现上我的心头,您的信也深深地影响着我。我从不认为我



    Napoleon to Josephine

    I have your letter, my adorable love. It has filled my heart with joy... since I left you I have been sad all the time. My only happiness is near you. I go over endlessly in my thought of your kisses, your tears, your delicious jealousy. The charm of my wonderful Josephine kindles a living, blazing fire in-my heart and senses. When shall I be able to pass every minute near you, with nothing to do but to love you and nothing to think of but the pleasure of telling you of it and giving you proof of it? I loved you some time ago; since then I feel that I love you a thousand times better. Ever since I have known you I adore you more every day. That proves how wrong is that saying of La Bruyere "Love comes all of a sudden. " Ah, let me see some of your faults; be less beautiful, less graceful, less tender, less good. But never be jealous and never shed tears. Your tears send me out of my mind ... they set my very blood on fire. Believe me that it is utterly impossible for me to have a single thought that is not yours, a single fancy that is not submissive to your will. Rest well. Restore your health. Come back to me and then at any rate before we die we ought to be able to say: "We were happy for so very many days!" Millions of kisses even to your dog.



    我收到了你的信,我祟拜的心上人。你的信使我充满了欢乐……自从与你分手以后,我一直闷闷不乐,愁眉不展。我唯一的幸福就是伴随着你。你的吻给了我无限的思索和回味,还有你的泪水和甜蜜的嫉妒。我迷人的约瑟芬的魅力像一团炽热的火在心里燃烧。什么时候我才能在你身旁度过每分每秒,除了爱你什么也不需做;除了向你倾诉我对你的爱并向你证明爱的那种愉快,什么也不用想了?我不敢相信不久前爱上你,自那以后我感到对你的爱更增一千倍。自我与你相识,我一天比一天更崇拜你。这正好证明了La Bruyere说的"爱,突如其来"多么不切合实际。



    Bettine Brentano to Goethe

    You know my heart; you know that all there is desire, thought, boding and longing; you live among spirits and they give you divine wisdom. You must nourish me; you give all that in advance, which I do not understand to ask for. My mind has a small embrace, my love a large one; you must bring them to a balance. Love cannot be quiet till the mind matches its growth; you are matched to my love; you are friendly, kind, and indulgent; let me know when my heart is off the balance. I understand your silent signs.

    A look from your eyes into mine, a kiss from you upon my lips, instructs me in all, what might seem delighted to learn, - to one who, like me, had experience from those. I am far from you; mine are become strange to me. I must ever return in thought to that hour when you hold me in the soft fold of your arm. Then I begin to weep, but the tears dry again unawares. Yes, he reaches with his love (thus I think) over to me in this concealed stillness; and should not I, with my eternal undisturbed loving, reach to him in the distance? Ah, conceive what my heart has to say to you; it overflows with soft sighs all whisper to you. Be my only happiness on earth your friendly will to me. O, dear friend, give me but a sign that you are conscious of me.




    你映人我眼帘的凝睇、你印在我唇上的热吻,向我说明了一切。这一切对于像我这样的人,对于有过这方面感情经历的人,看来似乎令人高兴。你我天各一方,我给你的凝望和亲吻对我已日益陌生。我无法不回想在你怀抱中的温柔时刻。然后我便开始哭泣,又不知不觉眼泪已哭干。是的,在深藏的静谧中他对我一往情深(我如是想)。难道我就不应该借着永不动摇的深情遥通心声吗?啊,你不知道我一心要对你说些什么吗?我要对你无限地轻声叹息,窃窃私语,让感情沛溢。愿我今生今世唯一的幸福就是你对我的无限的柔情。啊,亲爱的朋友,只求你给我暗示,你心中只有我。 (来源:EnglishCN英语博客基地)

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