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  两份报纸 two copies of newspaper

  一块肥皂 a bar of soap (来源:英语学习门户 http://www.EnglishCN.com)

  一件家具 a piece of furniture

  一把剪刀 a pair of scissors

  丢弃 throw away

  陷入困境 get into trouble

  工业产品 industrial goods

  农产品 agriculture goods

  一辈子一次性的收获 a one-in-a-lifetime acquisition

  没有出路的工作 a dead-end job

  付一大笔钱 pay good money

  过时 be out of fashion

  流行 be in the fashion

  批量生产 mass-production

  降低成本 lower the cost

  在起作用 be at work

  物美价廉的产品 better quality products at good values

  所得税 income tax

  投放市场 put on the market

  小批量 in limited quantities

  大量地 in large quantities

  要求 ask for

  下降 go down

  从商go into business

  努力做某事 strive to do sth.

  医疗设备 medical device

  劣质产品 inferior products

  一条面包 a loaf of bread

  温和宽容的 easy- going

  人造丝 artificial silk

  假牙 artificial teeth

  对…有害 be harmful to

  警惕 be on guard

  认为某事当然 take sth for granted

  由…组成 be composed of

  一个中年妇女 a middle-aged women

  一些性格开朗的女孩 an open-minded girl

  一个意志软弱的人 a weak-minded man

  一个意志坚强的人 a strong-minded soldier

  遭受 suffer from

  由于压力 as a result of stress

  警告信号 warning signals

  交通阻塞 traffic jam

  指出 point out

  逃离 run away from

  自杀 commit suicide

  从事摄影 take up photography

  高度工业化国家 a highly industrialized country

  工业生产 industrial production

  制成品 manufactured goods

  领先 take over the lead

  失去领先地位 lose one's lead

  赤字 in the red

  就…而言 as far as … is concerned

  易手 change hands

  赚钱 earn money

  金融中心 a financial centre

  贸易中心 a commercial centre

  国际贸易 international trade

  外贸 foreign trade

  商船船队 a merchant fleet

  巨额金钱 vast sums of money

  一大笔钱 a large sum of money

  对付,处理 deal with

  有形贸易 visible trade

  无形贸易 invisible trade

  贸易差额 trade gap

  失血 loss of blood

  高度机械化的工厂 highly mechanized factory

  产品统一条形码 universal product code

  黑白相间的条纹 zebra stripes (or black and white stripes)

  斑马线 zebra crossing

  油炸土豆片 potato chips

  炸薯条 French fries

  黑白电视机 black and white televisions

  墨画 black and white

  身上青一块紫一块 be black and blue

  光学扫描器 an optical scanner

  激光束 laser beam

  目的是 be designed to

  消灭,消除 do away with

  付账后离开 check out

  到达登记 check in

  现金出纳机 cash register

  在左边 on the left side

  收款台 check out counter

  原材料 raw materials

  制成品 manufactured goods

  近在手边 at hand

  衣夹 clothes-peg

  晒衣绳 clothes-line

  桌布 a tablecloth

  洗碗布 a dishcloth

  洗碗机 a dishwasher

  原始人 primitive people

  现代人 modern people

  穿着 be dressed in

  从…上刮去 scrape…from

  把…纺成… spin…into…


  4000万年前 over four thousand years ago

  在远古时 in the time immemorial

  富人和穷人一样 the rich and the poor alike

  想到 think of

  剪去 cut off

  讲故事 spin a yarn

  保守秘密 keep a secret

  直接税 direct taxes

  间接税 indirect taxes

  收入所得税 income taxes

  纳税人 taxpayer

  税务员 tax-collector

  免税的 tax-free

  国税 state taxes

  地方税 local taxes

  穷人 the poor

  富人 the rich

  年轻人 the young

  老年人the old

  高达 as high as

  以…形势 in the form of

  政府机关 government offices

  凭借 by means of

  在某个星期一的早晨 on a Monday morning

  在星期一的早晨 on Monday morning

  乘火车 take train

  乘公共汽车 take bus

  布莱克一家 the Blacks

  向某人道别 say goodbye to sb.

  向某人道歉 say sorry to sb.

  每隔几分钟 every few minutes

  每隔一天 every other day

  每隔一行 every other line

  不久以后 shortly afterwards

  通向 lead to

  抓牢 hold on to

  一打鸡蛋 a dozen eggs

  在阳光下 in the sun

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