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    Every English-lovers, welcome to join us. You may meet some problems in the course of your learning. If you trust us, please let us know your problems. We will do our best to help you. (来源:英语学习门户网站EnglishCN.com)


Question 1: Is remembering words a good way to improve my English?
Answer: To some extent, a large vocabulary means good English. But it is not enough for you just to remember how to spell the words. You should also master the usage of the words. It's no good trying just to remember the words in the dictionary. A better way is to accumulate the words through extensive reading.


Question 2: I often join in the English corner, but my spoken English is not improving much. Is there a better way?
Answer: The best way to improve spoken English is to practice more. In the English corner, some students are too shy to talk. They are afraid of making mistakes. So they just become passive listeners. In this way, their spoken English will not be improved. These students must build their confidence first. Nobody can avoid making mistakes. The more they practice, the better their spoken English will be. On the other hand, usually Chinese learners of English attend the English corner, which is not helpful for correcting our accent. If possible, communicate with a native speaker. It will be of much help. If not, we can also listen to some tapes, and imitate them. No pay, no gain. If you practice more, I believe you will make a great progress.


Question 3: I want to buy an electronic dictionary.    What kind should I choose?

Answer: When you are choosing an electronic dictionary, you should first pay attention to its        vocabulary.    In addition, the quality of the dictionary, the service of maintaining are also the things you should take notice of.    When you have an electronic dictionary, you cannot use it too often in order to save time.    The detailed explannation of the words and the examples in the dictionary can not be replaced by the electronic dictionary.



Question 4: I am a student from other province.    My English is not bad, but my oral English is     not satisfactory.    I have strong accent.    What should I do to improve my oral English?

Answer: To solve this problem, the only way is to practise more.    Don't be afraid of being        laughed at.    You can listen to more English programs, and imitate the speech sound and the intonation consciously.    After a period of hard work, I believe that your oral English will be better.



Question 5: I am not very young now, and I've never learned English before. I wonder if I can learn it from now on?

Answer: One is never too old to learn. Every one can learn English well if he or she has the perseverance. Because of your age, your memory may be not so good. It will be a little difficult for you to remember words. However, if you spend more time and energy, you will make a progress. On the other hand, your comprehensive ability must better than children's, so you can master the English grammar more quickly. At last, we wish you a great success.



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