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51.They are called virtual particles in order to distinguish them from real particleswhose lifetimes are not constrained in the same wayand which can be detected. (来源:www.EnglishCN.com)

它们被称为“虚粒子”(virtual particle),以便与实粒子(real particle)区分开来,而实粒子则不会以这种方式受到制约,并且其存在可得以测定。


52. Other theorists propose that the Moon was ripped out of the Earth"s rocky mantle by the Earth"s collision with another large celestial body after much of the Earth"s iron fell to its core.



53.Thuswhat in contrast to the Puritan colonies appears to Davis to be peculiarly Southern acquisitivenessa strong interest in politics and the lawand a tendency to cultivate metropolitan cultural modelswas not only more typically English than the cultural  patterns exhibited by Puritan Massachusetts and Connecticutbut also almost certainly characteristic of most other early modern British colonies from Barbados north to Rhode  Island and New Hampshire.



54.A very specialized feeding adaptation in zooplankton is that of the tadpolelike appendicularian who lives in a walnut-sized or smaller balloon of mucus equipped with filters that capture and concentrate phytoplankton.



55.These historianshoweverhave analyzed less fully the development of specifically feminist ideas and activities during the same period.



56.When the core of a giant star whose mass surpasses 1.4 times the present mass of our Sun M⊙)exhausts its nuclear fuelit is unable to support its own weight and collapses into a tiny neutron star.

当一颗质量超过我们的太阳目前质量(M☉)1.4倍的巨星的内核耗竭其核燃料时,它便无法支撑自身的重量,并收缩成为一颗小型中子星(neutron star)。


57.This is so even though the armed forces operate in an ethos of institutional change  oriented toward occupational equality and under the federal sanction of equal pay for equal equal work.



58.Not only are liver transplants never rejectedbut they even induce a state of donor-specific unresponsiveness in which subsequent transplants of other organssuch as skinfrom that  donor are accepted permanently.

但是,我们已经发现,在许多种老鼠之间,这些移植法的“常规”并没有被肝脏移植物所遵循。肝脏移植物非但从没遭到过排斥,甚至还诱发了一种供者特异性无应答状态(donor-specific unresponsiveness),在此状态中,随后来自那个供者其它器官的移植物,如皮肤,会永久地被接受。


59.While the new doctrine seems almost certainly correctthe one papyrus fragment raises the specter that another may be unearthedshowingfor instancethat it was a posthumous production of the Danaid tetralogy which bested Sophoclesand throwing the date once  more into utter confusion.



60.The methods that a community devises to perpetuate itself come into being to preserve aspects of the cultural legacy that that community perceives as essential.



61.Because the potential hazards pollen grains are subject to as they are transported over long distances are enormouswindpollinated plants havein the view abovecompensated for the  ensuing loss of pollen through happenstance by virtue of producing an amount of pollen that is one to three orders of magnitude greater than the amount produced by species pollinated by insects.



62.For examplethe spiral arrangement of scale-bract complexes on ovule-bearing pine coneswhere the female reproductive organs of conifers are locatedis important to the production of airflow patterns that spiral over the cone"s surfacesthereby passing airborne pollen from one scale to the next.



63.It was not the change in office technologybut rather the separation of secretarial work,  previously seen as an apprenticeship for beginning managersfrom administrative work that in the 1880"s created a new class of "dead-end" jobsthenceforth considered "women"s work."



64.The increase in the numbers of married women employed outside the home in the twentieth  century had less to do with the mechanization of housework and an increase in leisure time for these women than it did with their own economic necessity and with high marriage rates that shrank the available pool of single women workerspreviouslyin many casesthe only women employers would hire.



65,In order to understand the nature of the ecologist"s investigationwe may think of the density-dependent effects on growth parameters as the "signal" ecologists are trying to isolate andinterpretone that tends to make the population increase from relatively low values or decrease from relatively high oneswhile the density-independent effects act to produce "noise" in the population dynamics.



66.But the play"s complex view of Black self-esteem and human solidarity as compatible is no more "contradictory" than Du Bois" famouswell-considered ideal of ethnic self-awareness  coexisting with human unityor Fanon"s emphasis on an ideal internationalism that also accommodates national identities and roles.

但该剧有关黑人自尊可与人类团结相融合这一复杂观点,丝毫都不比杜波伊斯(Du Bois)的理想或法侬(Fanon)的强调来得更为“矛盾”:杜波伊斯提出的著名的、深思熟虑的理想是,民族的自觉可以和人类大同共存;法侬则对理想的国际主义进行了强调,而这一理想的国际主义同样也能兼容民族身份与角色。


67.In which of the following does the author of the passage reinforce his criticism of responses such as Isaacs" to Raisin in the Sun?题干圈套


68.Inheritors of some of the viewpoints of early twentieth-century Progressive historians such as Beard and Beckerthese recent historians have put forward arguments that deserve evaluation.



69.Despite these vague categoriesone should not claim unequivocally that hostility between recognizable classes cannot be legitimately observed.



70.Yet those who stress the achievement of a general consensus among the colonists cannot fully understand that consensus without understanding the conflicts that had to be overcome or repressed in order to reach it.



71.It can be inferred from the passage that the author would be most likely to agree with which of the following statements regarding socioeconomic class and support for the rebel and Loyalist causes during the American Revolutionary War?插入语多


72. Although it has been possible to infer from the goods and services actually produced what manufactures and servicing trades thought their customers wantedonly a study of relevant personal documents written by actual consumers will provide a precise picture of who wanted what.



73.Such philosophical concerns as the mind-body problem ormore generallythe nature of  human knowledge they believeare basic human questions whose tentative philosophical solutions have served as the necessary foundations on which all other intellectual speculation has rested.



74.The idea of an autonomous discipline called "philosophy" distinct from and sitting in judgment on such pursuits as theology and science turns out on close examinationto be of quite recent origin.



75.But the recent discovery of detailed similarities in the skeletal structure of the flippers in all three groups undermines the attempt to explain away superficial resemblance as due to convergent  evolution-the independent development of similarities between unrelated groups in response to similar environmental pressures.

但是,最近在所有这三类动物身上,对鳍肢的骨骼结构所存在的细致共同点的发现足以削弱这样一种企图,即把表面上的近似作为趋同进化所致的结果来将其解释掉。而所谓的趋同进化(convergent evolution),是指在互不相关的生物群体之间,作为对类似的环境压力作出的反应,彼此独立的发展形成某些相同特征。


76.Human genes contain too little information even to specify which hemisphere of the brain  each of a human"s 10"" neurons should occupylet alone the hundreds of connections that each neuron makes.



77.These questions are political in the sense that the debate over them will inevitably be less an exploration of abstract matters in a spirit of disinterested inquiry than an academic power struggle in which the careers and professional fortunes of many women scholars-only now entering the academic profession in substantial numbers-will be at stakeand with them the chances for a distinctive contribution to humanistic understandinga contribution that might be an important influence against sexism in our society.



78.In experimentsan injection of cytoplasm from dextral eggs changes the pattern of sinistral eggsbut an injection from sinistral eggs does not influence dextral eggs.



79.Recently some scientists have concluded that meteorites found on Earth and long believed to have a Martian origin might actually have been blasted free of Mars"s gravity by the impact on  Mars of other meteorites.



80.Under the force of this viewit was perhaps inevitable that the art of rhetoric should pass from the status of being regarded as of questionable worth because although it might be both a source of pleasure and a means to urge people to right actionit might also be a means to distort truth and a source of misguided actionto the status of being wholly condemned.



81.None of these translations to screen and stagehoweverdramatize the anarchy at the  conclusion of A Connecticut Yankeewhich ends with the violent overthrow of Morgan"s three-year-old progressive order and his return to the nineteenth centurywhere he apparently commits suicide after being labeled a lunatic for his incoherent babblings about drawbridges and battlements.



82.Calculations of the density of alloys based on Bernal-type models of the alloys metal component agreed fairly well with the experimentally determined values from measurements on alloys consisting of a noble metal together with a metalloidsuch as alloys of palladium and siliconor alloys consisting of ironphosphorusand carbonalthough small discrepancies remained.



83.It is now established that the Milky Way is far more extended and of much greater mass than was hitherto thought.



84.And Walzer advocates as the means of eliminating this tyranny and of restoring genuine equality "the abolition of the power of money outside its sphere"



85.Is it not tyrannicalin Pascal"s senseto insist that those who excel in "sensitivity" or "the ability to express compassion" merit equal wealth with those who excel in qualities such as  "the capacity for hard work"essential in producing wealth



86.Yet Waizer"s argumenthowever deficientdoes point to one of the most serious weak-  nesses of capitalism-namelythat it brings to predominant positions in a society people whono matter how legitimately they have earned their material rewardsoften lack those other qualities that evoke affection or admiration.



87. The appreciation of traditional oral American Indian literature has been limitedhampered by poor translations and by the difficultyeven in the rare culturally sensitive and aesthetically  satisfying translationof completely conveying the original"s verse structuretoneand syntax.对美国印第安人传统口头文学的欣赏,一直被质量低劣的翻译所限制和妨碍,并且即使是那种不可多得的既体现着文化敏感性,又在美学上令人满意的译作,也难以完全传递出原作的诗体结构、语调和句法。


88.Mores which embodied each culture"s ideal principles for governing every citizen were developed in the belief that the foundation of a community lies in the cultivation of individual powers to be placed in service to the community.



89.Only in the case of the February Revolution do we lack a useful description of participants  that might characterize it in the light of what social history has taught us about the process of revolutionary mobilization.

唯独在二月革命(the February Revolution)这一情形中,我们缺乏一种有用的有关参加者的描述,而这一描述则有可能按照社会历史有关革命动员过程所教给我们的内容来勾画出这场革命的性质。


90.Anthropologists and others are on much firmer ground when they attempt to describe the  cultural norms for a small homogeneous tribe or village than when they undertake the formidable task of discovering the norms that exist in a complex modern nation state composed of many disparate groups.



91.It has thus generally been by way of the emphasis on oral literary creativity that these Chicano writerswhose English language works are sometimes uninspireddeveloped the powerful and arresting language that characterized their Spanish-language works.



92.To measure them properlymonitoring equipment would have to be laid out on a grid at intervals of at most 50 kilometerswith sensors at each grid point lowered deep in the ocean and kept there for many months.



93.This declarationwhich was echoed in the text of the Fourteenth Amendmentwas designed primarily to counter the Supreme Court"s ruling in Dred Scott v. Sandford that Black people in the United States could be denied citizenship.

这一在第十四条修正案的文本中被复述的宣言,主要是旨在对抗最高法院在“Dred ScottSandford”一案中的判决,此判决裁定,在美国的黑人可被剥夺公民权。


94.The broad language of the amendment strongly suggests that its framers were proposing to write into the Constitution not a laundry list of specific civil rights but a principle of equal citizen-  ship that forbids organized society from treating any individual as a member of an inferior class.



95.This doctrine has broadened the application of the Fourteenth Amendment to othernonracial forms of discriminationfor while some justices have refused to findany legislative  classification other than race to be constitutionally disfavoredmost have been receptive to arguments that at least some nonracial discriminations. sexual Discrimination in particular,  are "suspect" and deserve this heightened scrutiny by the courts.



96.Only when a system possesses natural or artificial boundaries that associate the water within it with the hydrologic cycle may the entire system properly be termed hydrogeologic.


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