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  1.Develop a commercial.You have 30seconds to get an employer interested in you.If you can't,they'll move on.Practice a 30-second commercial to introduce yourself and your career goals.Be short and concise,but add a specific instance to grab attention.The following is how an American student “sells”herself at a career fair.

  “Hello,Ms.Smith.I'm Samantha Ward and I've been interested in Omega Tron ever since I read that Business Week article about your new multimedia software program.I'm a computer science major with an art minor,and I'm really excited about combining these two interests.I've actually developed an interactive educational program to teach children how to draw.Would you like to see a copy of the website I designed?



  2.Look professional.Always remove tongue or eyebrow piercings3)(no more than one earring in each ear),and hide tattoos.Once you know the culture of the company,then you can start to add(or not)these items to your morning toilette.It' s always better to err on the side of caution and be more conservative4) than less.


  3.Bring at least 50resumes.Cover letters are not necessary at the fair,but don't risk running out of5) resumes.


  4.Bring a bag,a notebook and a pen.The bag is to carry literature and giveaways6)。The notebook should be professional with space for safekeeping of those resumes(no crumbled copies,please.)and a pad7) for notes.Bring two pens——just in case.


  5.Get enough rest.Get a good night's sleep so you're rested and energized for the fair.Eat a good meal before you go to prevent tummy grumbles while you chat.


  6.Do your homework.Check out the websites of the participating companies so you're familiar with them and what they are looking for.


  7.Arrive early.Career fairs attract hundreds,some times thousands of people.Get there early,grab the directory,and plan your attack.


  8.Start in the back.Many people get stuck in the stampede at the front.Make your way to the back where there are representatives waiting for someone to appear.


  9.Pick up literature and a business card.Take literature you know you'll read from companies you're interested in.Otherwise your arm will ache carrying around all that stuff.Don't forget a business card so you can follow up with the recruiter later.Jot8) down on the back some notes about your conversation.


 10.Show your interest.Give a firm handshake and smile with eye contact.That's a great first impression that shows confidence.Ask questions.Nothing is more boring than a one-sided conversation.Send a thank-you note.To make a real impression,send it soon after the fair to the companies that most piqued9) your interest.Follow up.Don't wait for companies to call——call them first.Set up informational interviews or a company tour.


  career fair 人才招聘会

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