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5. to sow (one's) oats; to fool around with women.

Before his marriage, he sowed his (wild) oat. (他在结婚前,到处留情。)
Do you think he is sowing his (wild) oats? (你想他在拈花惹草吗?)

至於 to feel(one's)oats 的意思,也有精力旺盛,想动人脑筋的味道。 例如:
Now he is divorced, he is feeling his oats again.(现在他离婚了,他又在动女人的脑筋了。)
He liked to fool around with girls when he was young.(他年轻时喜欢与女孩鬼混。); 或
He was a promiscuous lover. He tried to get many girl friends.(他乱交女友)。 或者,
He falls in and out of love as the wind changes.(他爱来爱去,像风变一样。)

6. to make a pass at (someone); to make eyes on (someone); to kid around with (someone).
意思是挑逗、引诱(seduce) 或眉来眼去(flirting)。

He(she)has made a pass(或 passes)at her (him)(他挑逗她)。
She was 18 when he made a pass at her in the bar.(她18岁时,他在酒吧引诱她。)
He made eyes on her.(She is attracted to him.)或
He kids around with her in a flirting manner.(他对她眉来眼去。)(名词是:flirtation;动词是 flirt)

7.  to sweep(someone)off(someone's)feet.

Mr. Chen swept Miss Wang off her feet.(陈先生使王小姐倾慕不已。)
With her charm and beauty, she sweeps me off my feet.(由於她的美丽与魅力,她使我十分倾心。)
Miss Young swept Mr. Lin off his feet.(杨小姐使林先生十分爱慕。)
She has so far swept ten men off their feet.(她如今已经使十位男人倾慕。) (动词时态:sweep, swept, swept)
甚至也可以说: Cellist Yo-Yo Ma swept Taiwan off its feet during his visit.(大提琴家马友友访台时引起台湾的狂热。) (来源:老牌的英语学习网站 http://www.EnglishCN.com)
注意:feet前面的代名词所有格,要与前面名词受格一致(即:Sweep me off my feet; swept Taiwan off its feet; sweep the lady off her feet)。

8.  to turn a few heads.

She has turned a few heads.
= She has made men to turn a few heads.(也许因为她美丽性感或卖弄风情,使男人回头看她几眼。)
也就是:As she is beautiful, she turns a few heads.

He has turned a few heads.
= He has made women to turn a few heads.(也许因为他英俊潇洒使女人回头看他几眼。); 也就是:
= As he is handsome, he turns a few heads.

照理说,应该是别人 turn a few heads,但是因为当事人的美丽或英俊,导致别人转头看他(她)几眼。即:
She (he) attracted other people to turn a few heads.

The baseball star has turned a few heads.
= The baseball star has made the fans turn a few heads.(因为他打球有名,所以球迷转头看他。)
注意:老外不用 to turn many heads 或 to turn a lot of heads,因为不太可能一次就有许多人同时转头看。

9. to be off-limits; to be hands-off.
用在男女关系,有 「不许碰」的意思。

She is off-limits.(=She is not available.)(没有说明原因,也许因为结了婚或名花有主。)
She(he)is off-limit because she(he)is married. (off-limit後面不加s时,多半说明理由。)
Hands-off the married man.(Womam)(不要动已婚男人(女人)的脑筋。)(Hands-off = keep your hands off)

但是 off-limits, hands-off 也有「禁止入内」,「受到限制」或「不懂情趣」、「不干涉」的意思。
The building remains off-limits.(这栋大厦不对外开放。)
She may dump hands-off boy friend. (她将丢弃不懂情趣的男友。)
China emphasizes a hands-off foreign policy towards the internal affairs of other countries.

10. to be all hands; to be an octopus; to be(become)fresh

The minutes he got her alone, he was all hands.(一旦她单独一个人,他就上下其手。)
The girl did not want to go out with him because he was an octopus.(这女孩不愿与他外出,因为他毛手毛脚。)
He becomes fresh whenever he dates.(每次约会,他总是毛手毛脚。); 或
He can not seem to keep his hands to himself. When he was fresh, she slapped on his face.(当他毛手毛脚时,她给他一巴掌。)
注意:He looks fresh. 意思又是:他看来精神振作,生气勃勃。

11. to shack up with(someone); to be live-in
指男女没有结婚而同居 。

The man has been shacking up with the pretty girl for months.(这男子与那漂亮的姑娘同居几个月了)。
The two lovers were not ready for marriage, so they decided to shack up together.(这对情侣还未准备好结婚,因此决定先同居。)
She is his live-in girlfriend.(她是他同居的女友。)(live-in当形容词用)。

She has a reputation of being easy. (她有「男人容易得手」的名声。); 或
She gives herself to her boyfriend in every way.

They just have platonic relationship.(他们只是纯洁友谊。)或
Their friendship is based on platonic love.(他们的友情是基於柏拉图式的爱情。);
至於 to have a one-night stand with(someone)又是指与某人一夜风流。

He had a one-night stand with the woman. (他与这女子有一夜露水的关系。)
She is the person he would most want to have a one-night stand with.(她就是他最想一夜风流的女子。)

12.  to tie the knot;to be attached

Take a long, hard look before you tie the knot.(=to get married)(结婚前,你要长时间的仔细观察。)
The rich man needs a prenuptial agreement before he is attached.(富翁需要一份婚前契约。)

Every second of every minute of every day I love her(him).(每天每分每秒我都在爱她。)
When we love each other, every day is Thanksgiving and every night is New Year's Eve.(当我们相爱时,每天就是感恩节,每夜都是除夕夜。)
I blew her a kiss and she blew me one back.(我给她一个飞吻,她也回我一个。)
Marriage is just like wine getting better with age.(婚姻如美酒,愈陈愈香。)

I have been nesting with the same hen for 30 years.(我与同样的母鸡共巢 30 年。)
I am nesting with the wrong rooster.(我与混蛋的公鸡巢居。)(hen 指太座,rooster 指老公。)  
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