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These are some of the many things we really want to say but can’t find the words (or courage) to. Just forward this along and let the anonymity of not knowing which one you’re referring to be the reassurance you need to get the satisfaction of knowing you somehow told that person the thing you’ve been wanting to tell them for so damn long.


1. I love you. Asshole.


2. I’m sorry. I know it’s my fault, but it’s just really hard to put my pride aside and admit that to you.


3. I act the way I do because I’m really insecure. I wish you could understand that.


4. I’m only jealous because I love you and I wish you could understand this and could be okay with me loving you as much as I do while still embracing my flaws. I promise I’m working on it.


5. I need you to give me attention. It’s just so juvenile and petty to ask for.


6. I’m embarrassed. I am embarrassed of the way my stomach rolls when I slouch. I am embarrassed of the fact that I fart and that I’ve made so many mistakes. Why? Who knows. It’s silly because as an intelligent, functioning person I should know that these things are normal, human and nothing to be judged for. But it’s because I care about you and I want you to see me in the best way possible.


7. I just want to know if you actually love me or if you make excuses because you don’t but also don’t want to hurt my feelings.


8. I wish you would realize when you’re being an asshole. If you can’t figure this one out on your own, don’t get even angrier when I try to help you. Let our relationship facilitate some mutual growth. Honesty is vital to this and there are only a few people who will love you enough to risk you getting mad at them for them to tell you something that’s crucial to your development. Listen.


9. I just wasn’t that into you. We had a great time. I did my girl thing for a while where I got ahead of myself and dreamt up what our babies would look like but then decided I didn’t want them or you. And it’s nothing to be offended over. I just kind of wanted to tell you that it’s not me, it’s you. Or rather, it’s us, together. And it doesn’t mean there was or is anything wrong with you. You’re just not for me. I hope you can see how I’m not trying to insult you or that I don’t think less of you because of this. But this is the truth.


10. Because when you tell me that you’re just not into me, I associate that with meaning I’m a worthless, unintelligent, undeserving, unattractive human being.


11. Nothing has been the same since you’ve been gone.


12. Please give me another chance.


13. Call me. Email me. You know and I know. I just don’t have the balls to do something about it. You, however, do, literally have the testicles, so if you would step up to the plate this once that would be great. Not because that’s your role as the guy. But because I’m admitting that this is a weakness of mine and I need a little help to get the ball rolling.


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