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    acceleration:  n.加速度,加速【同】speeding up, hastening, increase of speed, quickening, hurrying, expedition, stepping up, picking up speed (来源:专业英语学习网站 http://www.EnglishCN.com)

    accessory: n. ① 附件, 零件, 附加物 ②从犯, 同谋者adj.附属的, 补充的, 同谋的, 副的【同】helper, aid, assistant, see associate

    accumulate: v.积聚, 堆积【同】hoard, get together, gather (into a mass), collect (a bulk of), heap, store, assemble, aggregate, concentrate, stack up or together, stockpile, store up, heap up or together, acquire, gain, load up, attach, draw or bring together, lump together, unite, incorporate, add to, profit, make money, grow rich, build up, gain control; increase, swell, build up, expand, grow, enlarge; multiply【反】scatter, squander, distribute

    adjoin: v.邻接, 毗连【同】be close to, lie beside, be adjacent to; unite, append, join

    advance: n. ①前进, 提升【同】impetus, progression, motion, progress ②预付款【同】allowance, credit, loan v. ①前进, 提前,提出【同】progress, proceed, move on, press on, stride forward, go forth, speed on, step forward, come to the front, move onward【反】halt, stop, stand still ②预付make payment, prepay, pay up【同】adj. 前面的, 预先的【同】radical, unconventional, ahead of the times

    adhere:[Ed5hiE] v. ①粘附, 胶着 ②坚持【同】follow, be devoted to, obey; conform to, observe, abide by, comply (with); cling to, hold fast onto, stick to

    adverse: [5AdvE:s ] adj.不利的, 敌对的, 相反的【同】hostile, conflicting, unfriendly; unfavorable, inopportune, disadvantageous

    affiliate:v. (使…)加入, 接受为会员【同】combine, associate, form connection with, associate, untie

    agitation:  n. ①激动, 兴奋② 煽动, 搅动【同】stir, confusion, tumult, excitement

    apprehension:  n. ①理解【同】comprehension, grasp, perspicacity, judgment ②忧惧【同】dread, fear③拘捕【同】capture, seizure, detention, arrest

    agony: n.苦恼, 极大的痛苦【同】suffering, torture, anguish, pain

    appraisal:  n.评价, 估价(尤指估价财产,以便征税), 鉴定【同】assess, price, value; calculate, evaluate, figure, estimate

    alien:n.外侨 adj. ①外国的, 相异的②不同, 背道而驰【同】exotic, strange, unknown, foreign; different, dissimilar, outlandish, queer

    anonymous: adj.匿名的【同】unsigned, nameless, unknown, unacknowledged, unnamed, authorless, unclaimed, unidentified, bearing no name【反】named, signed, acknowledged

    arbitrary: adj. ①任意的【同】willful, self-assertive, injudicious, inconsistent, irresponsible, opinionated, unreasonable, unscientific, superficial②武断的, 独裁的, 专断的【同】dictatorial, tyrannical, absolute, autocratic

    assimilate: v.吸收【同】v. take up, digest, absorb; grasp, learn, sense; see understand; adapt, acclimatize, accustom, conform

    auxiliary: adj.辅助的, 补助的【同】aiding, assisting, supporting, collaborating, co-operating; secondary, subordinate

    blunder: v. ①跌跌撞撞地走②犯大错, 做错 n.大错, 失误【同】mistake, lapse, oversight, error

    challenge: n.挑战【同】dare, provocation, threat vt.向……挑战【同】to invite to contest, threaten; dispute, inquire, doubt, question【反】abandon, give up, put away

    coherent: adj. ①粘在一起的【同】consistent, identified, combined②一致的, 连贯的【同】comprehensible, sound, intelligible

    comply:  vi. ①顺从, 答应②遵守【同】conform, agree to, obey

    compromise: n.妥协, 折衷【同】bargaining, granting, concessions, finding a middle course, agreement v. ①妥协, 折衷【同】agree, conciliate, find a middle ground, take to arbitration, negotiate②危及……的安全【同】jeopardize, hazard, imperil

    conspicuous: adj. 显著的【同】outstanding, eminent, distinguished, celebrated, notable, illustrious, prominent, remarkable, renowned, famed, notorious, glaring, noticeable

    dilemma: n.进退两难的局面, 困难的选择【同】perplexity, predicament, situation, plight, difficulty

    elaborate:v. ①精心制作 ②详细阐述, 详细描述 adj. ①精心制作的②详细阐述的【同】complicated, extensive, laborious, minute, widely developed, intricate, involved, highly organized, many-faceted, complex, painstaking, studied

    exaggerate: v.夸大, 夸张【同】overestimate, overdraw, overstate, misrepresent, falsify, magnify, expand, amplify, pile up, heighten, intensify, distort, enlarge (on), make too much of, lie, fabricate, corrupt【反】underestimate, tell the truth, minimize

    feasible:  adj.可行的, 切实可行的【同】achievable, attainable, workable; probable, practicable hypocrisy: n. 伪善,口是心非 【同】affectation, bad faith, hollowness, display, lip service, sham, fraud, pretense of virtue or piety, false goodness, deception, dishonesty, lie

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