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Virgo (August 23 - September 22) (来源:英语杂志 http://www.EnglishCN.com)

OVERVIEW: Maintaining positive friendships and close personal relationships is a high priority for practical Virgo this year. Your family and home life will be a source of great happiness and pleasure as you spend time building good relationships. You 2007年十二星座运势-处女座share your opinions openly and honestly. Surrounded by inspiring artistic people, you will have a desire to express your own creativity. Variety and versatility give you the urge to take up many different skills.

As you move into the brand new year, you'll keenly observe the world around you and uniquely express it through creative avenues. You are a wonderful artist and could easily make art into a career in the coming months. Everything your awareness touches becomes a field for your intellectual attainment. Your desire to express your artistry could expand into exhibiting your work at public art events. Culture and the theater will give you hours of relaxation. Great transformations will happen when you have creative opportunities. Whether you are in a leadership position or amongst influential friends, your awareness of connectivity impacts those in your circles and opens them to sharing common goals and objectives.

You are a healer at heart, and would do well in the healthcare field, perhaps teaching people to maintain a positive self-image through artistic creativity. Later in the year, make sure to take more time for walking in nature, gardening, relaxing in health spas -- places where you can freely connect with your deepest self. Your spontaneous and impulsive nature makes for a very physically active year. You love sports, dancing and other physical activities, which will keep you feeling young and vibrant.




CAREER: In the beginning of the year, you will be very excited and energized by your task-oriented work activity and helping others with details. You become very introspective about your beliefs and become more empathetic to other people's problems when you can work with them one-on-one. Comfort and security come when your work is clearly defined and you have the freedom to act according to your decision-making ability. Resources are at your fingertips this year, and you will fulfill the urge to create the necessary financial support you need to have safety and comfort for yourself and those closest to you.


LOVE: This year, your love for harmony, beauty and balance allows room for growth in your personal relationships. Partnership energy is at a new level of being that enlivens and invigorates both of you. Feeling emotionally and playfully engaged with your partner is a must. Lots of weekends away to relax and detach from serious realms of thinking and spending time in sensuous, gentle environments will keep your relationship fresh. Security may manifest as a need for a home environment that is completely safe and very cozy.


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