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Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) (来源:英语学习门户 http://www.EnglishCN.com)

OVERVIEW: A hard worker, you will find new ways expressing yourself this year. Your practical approach to life makes it important to stay focused on getting things done in a timely manner. You are taking life very realistically this year and are 2007年十二星座运势-摩羯座feeling very serious. You don't like to spend time discussing topics that are not of interest to you, and it's important that you not engage in activities that don't pique your interest.

In your personal life, you will express yourself more passionately, and notice that you are developing more sensitivity in how you come across to others. Your life will take on new meaning when you realize a side of yourself that you never thought people were interested in. What a surprise to find out that others enjoy listening to you speak from your heart, expressing your personal, spiritual and emotional integrity.

You'll also be encouraged to explore your belief systems this year. Thought-provoking opportunities arise when you discover so much of your own reformation taking place. Influential friends will support you in all that you desire. You will enjoy a new awareness of the deeper aspects of yourself and have a stronger appreciation just how much you contribute to the world. You may find relaxation through gardening or other grounding hobbies. As you explore creative ways of expressing your inner needs, you'll discover a mystical way of communicating.




CAREER: You will feel very emotionally balanced and harmonious in your career efforts in 2007. You are very fluid in the way you express yourself, both written and orally, and would do well to find work in communications. There is also a great opportunity for you to become involved in new realms of scientific discoveries that are ahead of their time. You have an ability to grasp new concepts quickly and people recognize this about you. You are likely to actively explore new subjects and disciplines, becoming adept in all of them.

You are truly ambitious and you’ll find that you have something important to share with others nearly the entire year! You have the ability to think freely, unhampered by conventional attitudes or public opinion. People around you want unique communication skills that you just so happen to be uniquely well-versed in. You are conscientious and concerned with how best to serve yourself and other people, so it is important for you to feel emotional sympathy in order for work to be satisfying this year.

You have your own code of conduct to which you are true, no matter what public opinion may be. This year will bring you lots of satisfaction and your dreams will be easily accomplished.




LOVE: You're fond of imaginative flights of fancy, and determined in your pursuit of sensual pleasures this year. Your partnership - or potential thereof - will bring very comforting moments to you. Your desire for luxuries will most likely be enhanced by a new love relationship that adds an artistic flair to your life. This special person will trigger your energetic, passionate, enthusiastic and ambitious side. You have great charm and poise, and the opposite sex finds you very attractive. Your communication skills will help you in rounding this person up -- and you refuse to let this one get away!

You love variety, and this new relationship will give you opportunities for discovery. You are a good judge of character and appreciate the beauty of things in the world - but not apart from their utility and ultimate purpose. Your nurturing abilities rise to the surface this year and allow you to explore the different variations of your inner needs.

You'll enjoy developing the exchange of interpersonal expression, and you will find new meaning in your life. Your inner charm and attractiveness comes out in new ways, and your love will be incredibly satisfying.




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