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 How many times have you thought, "This job is going to kill me"? The truth is, you may have been right. For better or worse, a person's job plays a critical role in his or her mental and physical health. The good news is that there are some things about work that are good for you, too。

  你多少次想过,“这个工作会要了我的命吗?” 事实是,你可能是正确的。无论是好还是坏,一个人的工作在他或她的心理和身体健康起着至关重要的作用。好消息是,还有一些关于工作的事情对你有好处。

  From increased risks of heart disease to longer life spans, the numerous drawbacks or benefits to health that come with working have been revealed by various studies across the globe。


  Here are eight ways your job, including your decision to hold onto it or leave it, affect your health:



  Many men yearn for a retirement filled with travel, golf and relaxation, but they might want to think twice before ending their career for good。


  A study by Austrian researchers revealed that men who retire early have an increased risk of dying before age 67. According to the research, this can be attributed to the negative health habits adopted by retirees, including smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating and infrequent exercise。



  Plugging along in a hated job can damage more than an employee's mental health.Research published in the Human Relations journal found that employees who stayed at organizations out of either obligation or a perceived lack of other job options were more likely than other employees to experience physical health problems, including symptoms of exhaustion, stress and burnout。



  An old saying maintains a little hard work never killed anyone, but research shows that might not be true。


  A European study found working overtime can be bad for an employee's heart. Those who worked at least 10 hours a day had a 60 percent higher risk of heart-related problems, such as death due to heart disease or a nonfatal heart attack, than those who didn't work overtime。



  The act of simply getting to work can take its toll on employees' health。


  A study published in the BMC Public Health journal reveals that workers who get to work by train, car or bus have more adverse health effects than workers who ride their bikes or walk. The research shows commuters suffered more incidences of negative perceived general health, which resulted in an increased number of absences from work。



  Just having a job can be good for a person's emotional well-being。


  Research presented during a congressional briefing on the psychological benefits of employment and the impact of joblessness revealed long-term unemployment can trigger mental health issues。


  The study shows those who were unemployed for more than 25 weeks in the past year were more likely than their employed counterparts to experience mental health issues for the first time。



  Keeping employees from taking a regular afternoon nap, as most jobs do, could cause heart problems. A study published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine found that half-hour siestas boost heart health and help prevent deadly cardiovascular disease。


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