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It’s easy to think that if you have a job, you should stay in it for as long as possible – but that mindset isn’t always right. Too many people stay in their jobs well beyond when they should, and that ends up holding them back in their careers and breeding unhappiness.


Here are eight signs that it’s time to think about moving on from your job.


1. You’ve been unhappy for months. Everyone goes through periods of discontent at work now and then, but if you’ve dreaded going to work for months and get anxious just thinking about your office, that’s a sign that you should be looking at alternatives.

1. 你不开心好几个月了。每个人工作中都会有不高兴的时候,但如果你连续几个月害怕去工作,只想想办公室都会焦虑不安的话,这个迹象表明你应该找别的工作了。

2. You haven't had a raise in three years. Not every company does annual raises anymore, and the economy has meant that some companies have frozen pay across the board. But after years of no pay increase, it’s worth looking around at what other companies might offer you. (Make sure you’ve asked for a raise first though; if you haven’t made the case for increased pay, leaving over the lack of it would be premature.)

2. 你三年没涨过薪水。不是每家公司每年都会涨薪,经济危机又意味着一些公司资金周转不灵。但好几年没加工资的话,你值得看看其他公司给你的条件。(不过你得先要求加薪;如果你都没提过这类要求,离开还为时过早。)

3. Your boss hates you. Even if you like your work, having a boss who dislikes you usually means that you’d be better off moving on. Managers have an enormous amount of control over your career – from what projects you get to what growth opportunities you’re given. A boss who dislikes you can hold you back and have a long-term impact on your career. You’re far better off working for someone who will champion you than thwart you.

3. 你的老板不喜欢你。就算你喜欢自己的工作,老板不喜欢你通常代表着你还是离开为妙。经理们能掌控你的职业生涯——从你做什么项目到给你哪些成长机会。不喜欢你的老板会阻碍你的发展,对职业生涯有很大影响。在鼓励你而不是阻止你的领导手下做事会让你发展的更好。

4. When you tell your family and friends about your workplace, they’rehorrified. When you’ve been in a toxic anddysfunctional workplace for a long time, you can lose sight of how bad it is and it can even start to feel normal. If this has happened to you, it’s a sign to get out.

4. 告诉家人和朋友工作场所时他们会很担心。当你长时间在有毒和影响身体健康的工作场所做事时,你会忘记有多危险甚至开始习以为常了。如果你已经有这样的感觉,这是告诉你要离开的信号。

5. You can’t remember the last time you felt challenged in your work. Sure, some people are happy to stay at a job that simply pays the bills. But if you’re someone who wants to grow professionally and personally, then staying in a job that hasn’t challenged you in a long time doesn’t align with those plans. (This doesn’t mean that you should leave at the first sign of boredom. Rather, this is about prolonged periods where you feel like you’re stagnating and where you see no change in sight.)

5. 你不记得上次做有挑战性的工作是什么时候了。当然,有些人很乐意混日子领工资。但如果你想在个人和职业方面有进步,长时间做没挑战性的工作就和你的计划背道而驰了。(这并不意味着你要在觉得无聊的第一时间就辞职。你要长时间感觉止步不前而且未来看不到改进的希望。)

6. You’re receiving a lot more criticalfeedback in writing. If you’re suddenly getting a slew of critical feedback in emails or memos, it’s a sign your job could be in jeopardy. Many companies require writtendocumentation of problems before an employee is let go, so a sudden increase of written feedback (when you didn’t used to receive any) can be a sign that your boss is creating a paper trail to build a case for firing you.

6. 你收到很多负面反馈。如果你突然收到一堆批评责备的电子邮件或提醒,说明你的工作可能出现危机了。许多公司裁员前需要所犯错误的书面材料作证明,所以突然增加的书面反馈(你以前不怎么收到的)表明你的老板为了炒你正在捏造书面证据。

7. You’re on a formal performance improvement plan (PIP). PIPs are often the last thing that happens before you’re fired. In theory, if you meet the terms of the plan, you’ll preserve your job and be able to move forward. But in practice, by the time you’re on one, it’s often because things aren’t working out and aren’t likely to. That doesn’t mean that PIPs never end in success; sometimes they do. But since they so often don’t, it’s smart to be job-searching meanwhile.

7. 你要参加员工改造计划。这个计划一般是解雇前的最后一步了。从理论上讲,如果你满足计划的要求,你能保住饭碗继续工作。但实际上,你成为计划一员通常是因为事情没做好也不太可能做好了。并不是说参加计划的人都不会成功,有时候能行的。但由于成功率不高,在这段时间里换工作是明智之举。

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