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Your dream company is hiring. Better still, it has a ton of openings — actually, so many, that you could see yourself applying to a few of them. Should you send in multiple applications? After all, won't the person reviewing them know which position you're best suited for?


The answer is yes and no. Yes, the hiring manager might think one role seems more obvious based on your application — but no, this isn't the best way to go. Because instead of coming off like someone who has so much love for the company that you'll pitch in wherever you can to make the greatest difference — you risk making the impression that you just couldn't make up your mind. Or worse, you might look kinda qualified for a few jobs, and yet, an obvious pick for no jobs.

答案是 yes 和no。没错,招聘经理也许会认为你的求职申请很明显就符合某个职位——但不!这不是最理智的行为。因为如果你表现得像一个极度热爱这家公司的员工、能投入任何一个你能应付的职位,那么你就会很有可能留下一个犹豫不决的印象。更有甚者,也许你似乎符合某些职位的要求,但是,你并没有明确的决定。

I've been in this situation (twice!) and each time ended up applying for just one job — and landing the role that was right for me. Here's how I did it and what I'd recommend to anyone in a similar situation:


I'd just moved to a new town and was desperate to get back into the nonprofit sector. Well, the local contact I met through a mutual friend was leaving her job as a fellowship program manager. Not only that, but the development officer at her organization would be leaving soon too.


Had I sent in multiple applications, I would have distracted the hiring manager from the role I really wanted. So, don't go into it with the mindset that you'll apply for the job you want — plus the one you look like a match for, as a backup. Put your best foot forward and keep the focus on why you're a fit for the role you really want.


OK, there's a caveat. Sometimes the position you're most excited about isn't a stretch — it's completely unrealistic. In that case, you should pick the opening you're interested in (and actually have a shot of moving forward with).


I once consulted on hiring an executive director, and a senior in college applied for the role. Sure, we all have those dream jobs that look amazing. But if you're years away from the experience requirement and haven't done any of the things the position calls for, you're basically wasting your time (and the hiring manager's).


So, if you're stuck between two, apply for the role that more closely matches your qualifications. It will allow you to build the skills you need to eventually qualify for that dream role.


But what if you're equally interested in and equally qualified for multiple roles? When I applied to work at The Muse, there were open positions for a writer and an editor, and they both looked really good to me. It was as close as I've come to submitting two applications.

但如果你确实对多个职位同样感兴趣,并且还符合职业技能要求呢?当笔者申请The Muse公司的职位时,当时有作家和编辑两个职位空缺,并且它们看起来都很适合我。笔者几乎就能同时申请两个职位了。

But the thing is: I didn't want both jobs, I wanted to do all I could to be hired for one (whichever it might be). So, I picked the one I came up with a stronger concept for. I chose the writing position and wrote a Muse-style article outlining my qualifications as my cover letter.


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