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There is no other team with the privilege to have such a deep symbiosis with a football genius.

       In 1986 he played in Mexico his second World Cup. Maradona arrived in perfect physical conditions and already at the eve declared that he would have been the star of the World Cup. And it was exactly so: Diego leaded Argentina to the victory, scored 5 goals, made 5 assists and was the best player of the demonstration.

       In the quarterfinals against England he scored the famous goal named "The Hand of God" and after 5 minutes arrived the most beautiful goal in the history of football. Thanks to his unbelievable performance in the World Cup of 1986, Maradona was considered one of the greatest soccer players。

     In 1990, after winning the Italian League with Naples Football Team, he took part to the World Cup in Italy. Despite his injured ankle, Maradona nevertheless succeeded in gaining the final against Germany. The final of Mexico 1986 was repeated, but this time Germany won, thanks to a favorable arbitrage and to a doubtful penalty. Maradona said that the " mafia " won and that there was a plot against him.

      During his 7th year in Naples Diego asked the president Ferlaino to be transferred to Marseilles Football Club. He was tired of the too many pressures on him, of the death threats he received, of the too many journalists. Ferlaino decided not to sell him and for Diego remained only a possibility to leave Italy.

        In March 1991 Maradona was found positive to an ant doping control and this costed him a disqualification for 15 months. He left Italy and in 1992 started playing for Seville Football Team, where he remained almost one year.In 1993 he was engaged by the Newell's Old Boys, but also this new experience ended after few weeks. (来源:www.EnglishCN.com)
         In the 1994 Diego played the world Cup in America, he wanted to lead his team to the final victory and then retire from football. Maradona played only the games against Greece (where he scored a beautiful goal) and against Nigeria, because he was disqualified for using ephedrine, a substance which is not allowed by the FIFA.

           So the Competition "USA 94" lose its star, while once again appeared the hypothesis of a plot against Diego, who was suspended for one year. Argentina was playing very well with the captain, but as soon as Maradona was disqualified, the team lost and was immediately eliminated.In October 1994 Diego was engaged as trainer by Deportivo Mandiyù Football Team, but his new experience ended after only 2 months.

         In 1995 he was the trainer of Racing Football Team, but resigned after 4 months. In the same year Maradona returned to play for Boca Jrs Football Team, and the fans organized a grandiose party at the Bombonera Stadium for the return of their idol. But on August 24th 1997 he was found positive to an ant doping control.

         On October 30th 1997, the day of his 37th birthday, Diego announced that he definitely retired from football. In this way, after 20 years of " magics ", ended the career of Diego Armando Maradona.

      1994年, 马拉多纳参加在美国举行的世界杯足球赛,他曾想率领球队直取胜利,然后挂靴。他仅参加了对希腊的一场比赛(他射进了漂亮的一球)及对尼日利亚的比赛,由于他被检查出服用了麻黄素(兴奋剂)而遭到除名,这是一种国际足联禁止服用的物质。
       人们假设马拉多纳多被阴谋所害,停赛一年。94年美国世界杯因此而失去了明星。阿根廷队原来在队首的带领下,踢的极为出色,但当马拉多纳被取消资格后,球队群龙无首,立刻解散了。1994年,他执教Deportivo Mandiyù足球队,但只持续了两个月。
      1997年8月24日,时值他37岁生日, 马拉多纳宣布挂靴。如此,历经了"奇迹般"的20年后,马拉多纳的事业宣告终结。
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