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  The coming of the railroads made canal shipping less important,but it tied New York even more closely to the central regions of the country.It was easier for people in the central states to ship their goods to New York for export overseas. (来源:专业英语学习网站 http://www.EnglishCN.com)

  Exports from New York were greater than imports.Consequently,shipping companies were eager to fill their ships with passengers on the return trip from Europe.Passengers could come from Europe very cheaply as a result.

  Thus New York became the greatest port for receiving people from European countries. Many of these people remained in the city.Others stayed in New York for a few weeks,months,or years,and then moved to other parts of the United States.For these great number of new Americans New York had to provide homes, goods, and services.Their labor helped the city be come great.


  How New York Became America?s Largest City

  New York was once smaller than Philadelphia and Boston,but now it is America?s largest city because of geography,history and economics.

  New York was located at the seaport where materials were imported to the US and the products of the US were sent abroad across the sea.The city was further developed when the Erie Canal was completed in 1825.This linked Lake Erie to New York via the Hudson River and the cost of transporting goods to those who had settled inland was cut down.In addition, the Great Lakes were soon linked to the Mississippi.Later,railroads tied New York closer to the central states,whose goods were exported via New York.Fewer goods were imported,so cheap passages were available from Europe.New York became the main port for receiving Europeans,many of whom stayed in the city and helped it become great.




  (1) 写好一份报告,撰写人首先要对所要写的内容有充分的了解。写作时,应尽量多用被动语态,少用第一人称,以免主观、冒昧。

  (2) 一般英文报告都可采用书信格式。

  (3) 报告要有明确的中心思想、清楚的段落层次和合理的结构安排。


  The report is hereby made to ask for the approval of the board for the solution of the problem.


  This report will summarize...


  The report provides an introduction to...


  The operation on... is under smooth way.


  This report only provides guidelines they can use to assess their own needs.


  May I have your approval of...by the end of this month?


  We will fulfill the task ahead of time.


  Upon the request of the committee, we?ve conducted the report.



  To:Mr. Johnson

  From:Li Nan

  Subject:Ship Accident off West Coast of The Yangtze River,No Casualties.


  Yesterday evening two boats collided in thick fog in The Yangtze River not far from Wu Han. One was a cargo ship carrying lumber,apparently on its way to The Yangtze River. The other was a National ferry on its regular run from Jiu Jiang to Wu Han.

  However,because of the weather conditions,the captains did not realize the danger until a few seconds before the collision took place. Consequently,there was no time for them to prevent the accident.

  Fortunately,there were no casualties among the crews or passengers,but both ships suffered badly damages.

  A spokesman for the port authorities said that a committee would be set up to determine the cause of the collision.

  Sincerely yours,

  Li Nan







  但是由于恶劣的天气,船长知道撞击发生前几秒才意识到危险。 结果根本没有时间避免事故的发生。




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