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accent to emphasize
ascent climb
assent to agree to something
accept to receive
except with the exception of
access right or ability to enter
excess amount left over
adapt to adjust
adopt to take as one's own
addition part added
edition publication
advice counsel or information
advise to give advice
affect to act upon or influence
effect result; to bring about
allude to refer indirectly
elude to evade
allusion indirect reference
illusion misleading image
anecdote brief story
antidote remedy for poison
ante- prior to or earlier than
anti- opposite or against
assure to give confidence to
ensure to make certain
aural relating to hearing
oral relating to the mouth, spoken
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base bottom
bass fish; deep voice
born produced by birth
borne carried
brake to slow or stop
break to knock into pieces
breadth width
breath breathed air
breathe to draw in air

capital city as government center
capitol state legislature building
Capitol U.S. Congress building
cite to quote
sight spectacle, view
site piece of land; set of Web pages
complement to complete
compliment to praise
conscience moral awareness
conscious mentally awake
consul diplomatic official
council administrative body
counsel lawyer; to give advice
credible believable
creditable worthy of praise
currant raisinlike fruit
current stream; used at the moment

decent good or satisfactory
descent downward movement
dissent difference of opinion
decree official order
degree extent or scope
desert dry barren region
dessert sweet food ending a meal
detract to disparage or reduce
distract to draw attention away
device specialized tool
devise to invent, to plot

edition See addition
effect See affect
eligible entitled; desirable
illegible not readable
elude See allude
eminent prominent
imminent ready to happen
ensure See assure
envelop to surround
envelope letter container
except See accept
excess See access

formally in a formal manner
formerly at an earlier time
forth forward, onward
fourth 4th

gorilla large manlike ape
guerrilla irregular warrior

hardy bold, robust
hearty jolly; vigorous
hoard hidden treasure
horde throng

illegible See eligible
imminent See eminent
imply hint, indicate
infer conclude, deduce
incredible unbelievable
incredulous astonished
inherent intrinsic
inherit to receive from an ancestor
install to set up for use
instill to impart gradually
it's it is; it has
its belonging to it

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lay to put or set down
lie to rest horizontally
lead to guide; heavy metal
led guided
liable obligated by law
libel to defame; false publication
loose unattached
lose to fail to win

medal commemorative metal piece
meddle to interfere
miner mine worker
minor young person; unimportant
moral ethical; lesson
morale emotional attitude

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oral See aural

passed past tense of "pass"
past previous; beyond
peace tranquility
piece portion
pear fruit
peer one's equal; to look intently
pier dock
pedal foot lever
peddle to sell
perpetrate to be guilty of
perpetuate to make perpetual
persecute to harass
prosecute to bring legal action
personal private, individual
personnel group of employees
plain ordinary
plane airplane; flat surface
pole long piece of wood or metal
poll sampling of opinion
pray to ask earnestly
prey victim
precede to go or come before
proceed to advance or continue
preposition part of speech
proposition proposal
principal main; chief person
principle basic rule
propose to plan or intend
purpose goal, intention

quiet noiseless
quite rather

rain water falling in drops
reign to govern
rein strap for controlling a horse
raise to lift, to increase
raze to destroy or tear down
respectfully with respect
respectively in order
resume to take up again
résumé life summary
right correct
rite ceremonial act
role part, function
roll to turn over

sight See cite
site See cite
sit to lie, rest
set to put
stationary not moving
stationery writing material
statue piece of sculpture
stature height; status
statute law

tack course of action
tact sensitivity
than in comparison with
then at that time
their belonging to them
there in that place
they're they are
thorough complete
through into and out of
to toward
too also, very
two 2

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waist middle of the body
waste scrap, garbage
waive to give up voluntarily
wave to motion with the hand
weather atmospheric state
whether if
were past form of "be"
we're we are
where at what place
who's who is; who has
whose of whom

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your belonging to you
you're you are

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