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clock in 打卡
  Don't forget to clock in,otherwise you won't get paid. 别忘了打卡,否则领不到钱。
come on to 对...轻薄;吃豆腐
  Tanya slapped Bill after he came on to her. Tanya在Bill对她轻薄之后打了他一巴掌。
come easily 易如反掌
  Languages come easily to some people. 语言学习对有些人来说易如反掌。
don't have a cow 别大惊小怪
  Don't have a cow! I'll pay for the damages. 别大惊小怪的!我会赔偿损失的。
push around 欺骗
  Don't try to push me around! 别想耍我!
keep one's shirt on 保持冷静
   Keep your shirt on. He didn't mean to offend you. That's just the way he talks. 保持冷静。那只是他说话的惯常方式,他并非有意要冒犯你。
cool it 冷静一点
   Cool it. You are making me mad. 冷静一点。你快把我逼疯了。
joy ride 兜风
   Let's go for a joy ride. 让我们去兜兜风。
rap 说唱乐
   Do you like rap music? I have trouble understanding the words. 你喜欢说唱音乐吗?我听不太懂其中的歌词。
red-letter day 大日子
   This is a red-letter day for Susan. She made her first sale to a very important client. 今天是susan的大日子。她和一个非常重要的客户做成了第一笔生意。
go up in smoke 成为泡影
   Peter’s vacation plans went up in smoke when a crisis arose in the office. 办公室出了问题,peter的假期泡汤了。
hit the road 上路
  We should probably hit the road. It’s going to take us two hours to get home. 我们可能该上路了吧?到家的两个小时呢!
shape up 表现良好,乖
   You’d better shape up if you want to stay on. 如果你还想留下来的话最好乖一点儿。 scare the shit out of someone 吓死某人了
  Don’t sneak up behind me like that. You scared the shit out of me. 不要那样从后面突然吓我。你吓死我了。
pull strings 运用关系(源于“拉木偶的线”) He pulled some strings and managed to get us front row seats for the concert. 他运用关系替我们拿到音乐会前排的位子。 (来源:英语杂志 http://www.EnglishCN.com)
come again 再说一遍
   Come again? I didn't quite understand what you said. 再说一遍好吗?你刚说的话我不明白。
come clean 全盘托出,招供
   The criminal decided to come clean. 罪犯决定供出事实。
spring for 请客
   Let me spring for dinner. 我来请客吃饭吧。
spill the beans 泄漏秘密
   Don't spill the beans. It's supposed to be a secret. 别说漏了嘴,这可是个秘密哦!
stick in the mud 保守的人
   Cathy is such a stick in the mud. She never wants to try anything new. Cathy真保守,她从不想尝试新事物。
john 厕所
   I have to go to the john. Wait for me in the car. 我要去厕所。在车里等我一下。
keep in line 管束
  He needs to be kept in line. He's too wild. 他太野了,要好好管束一下。
jump the gun 草率行事
  Don't jump the gun. We have to be patient for a while. 不要草率行事。我们应该耐心等一会儿。
jump to conclusion 妄下结论
  Don't jump to conclusion. We have to figure it out first. 不要妄下结论,先把事情搞清楚。
lemon 次
  This car is a real lemon. It has broken down four times.这辆车真次,已经坏了四次了!
fishy 可疑的
   His story sounds fishy. We should see if it's really true. 他的故事听起来可疑。我们应该看看到底是不是真的。
flip out 乐死了
   Chris flipped out when I told him that we won the game. 我告诉克里斯我们赢了比赛时,他乐歪了。
fix someone up 撮合某人
   I think Xixi and Macaulay would make a perfect couple. Let's fix them up. (Haha,just kidding 我想习习和 macaulay 会是理想的一对,我们来撮合他们吧。(呵,开个玩笑,习习和macaulay不会生气吧?:)
take a shine to 有好感
   He really likes you. There are very few people he takes a shine to right away. 他真的喜欢你。他很少对人一见面就有好感的。 third wheel 累赘,电灯泡
   You two go on ahead. I don't want to be a third wheel. 你们两个去好了,我不想当电灯泡。
ripoff 骗人的东西
  What a ripoff! The new car I bought doesn't work! 真是个骗人货!我买的新车启动不了!
rock the boat 找麻烦
  Don't rock the boat! Things are fine just the way they are. 别找麻烦了,事情这样就够好了。
blow it 搞砸了,弄坏了
  I blew it on that last exam. 我上次考试靠砸了。
in hot water 有麻烦
  He is in hot water with his girlfriend recently. 近段时间他跟女友的关系有点僵。
put one's foot in one's mouth 祸从口出
  Wally is always saying such stupid thing. He has a real talent for putting his foot in his mouth. 沃力尽说这种蠢话。他真有惹是生非的本事。  
flop (表演、电影等)不卖座,失败
  The movie was a flop. Nobody went to see it.这部电影卖座率奇低,没有人去看。
drop in/by/over 随时造访
  Feel free to drop in anytime. I'm usually home and I'd love the company. 欢迎随时来坐坐。我通常在家,也喜欢游人做伴。
drop a line 写信
  Drop me a line! 给我写信!

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