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  In Denmark, happiness comes from equality; in Singapore,happinesscomes from the rule of law; in the slums of Calcutta, India,happiness comes from the hearts of people that depends on eachother。


  It is not difficult to see, whether a personis happy or not,largely depends on two aspects. One is external, that is thesocialenvironment we live in; the other is internal, that is ourpersonalattitude to life. Today, we (Chinese people) are not happy,also can beanalyzed in several aspects。

  1. Lack of faith (beliefs)

  1. 缺乏信念。

  Most people do not know what the expectationsare in one’s wholelife, simply put it, you do not know what you want.Confucius atecoarse rice, drank water, didn’t even have pillows when sleepingandused his arms as pillows, but Confucius said, “Happiness iswithin”; Hesaid, “A basket of cooked rice, a ladle of water, livingin the ghetto alley”,others might think this is an unbearable life,but Confucius was able to “keephis happiness”. Why? Because he knewwhat he is pursuing in this life。


  2. Always comparing

  2. 老是比较。

  Western saying goes, Whether a person isfortunate or not, happyor not, does not depend on how big of accomplishmenthe/she hasachieved, but from the way how the neighbors look at them. Whenwhatwe are pursuing is not happiness, but to be happier thanothers, then happinesswill be even further away from us。


  3. Living in happiness without realizing it

  3. 生在福中不知福。

  If a light has been constantly lit, you willnot pay attention toit, but if it is brighter and darker at times, or if it ison andoff at times, you will notice. Similarly, sometimes we are enviedbyothers, but we hardly notice it. Only if one day we loss that,then we willrealize。


  4. Not moved by beautiful things

  4. 缺乏发现美的眼睛。

  “The spring wind is so selfless, not askingfor anything inreturn but blossomed millions of flowers。” We may not havetheability to create beauty, but have we been appreciating thebeauty of nature,or the beautiful things created by others? Weoften ignore and unaware of thenatural beauty, artistic beauty,spiritual beauty and many beautiful things inlife around us。


  5. Do not know how to give

  5. 不知奉献。

  Zhang Shangying from Song dynasty said,“Nothing is happier thanbeing happy of doing good deeds”, only a person whoknows how togive rather than just take can be truly happy. Charity is notaprivilege of the rich. Donating millions to disaster relief ischarity, give astranger a smile is also charity。


  6. Not being content

  6. 不知足。

  How much does a person need to be satisfied?Never enough!


  When you are not happy because you don’t haveshoes, have younoticed those who do not have feet? Contentmentbringshappiness。


  Harold Albert is the academic director of the University ofCalifornia. Once he walked on the streetfull of dissatisfaction andconfusion because he had already lost his job andwas looking fornew work. He walked in the road like a depressed person,completelylost confidence and courage。


  Just then, a man with no legs came, sitting ona small woodenplatform which was attached with wheels from old skates. Hecarried2 pieces of wood and wheeled himself across the street。

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