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When you need a piece of information, is it at your fingertips? Or are you constantly chasing your info like papers in the wind?


  It is important to capture those finer details now, so that you will have them later. What information are you not capturing that you will need in the future?


  Information Everywhere


  In these days of instant answers and online resources, you can't seem to find that one piece of information you need。

  The Internet is a great resource. And Wikipedia provides us instant access to info that previously would have required a research project。


  However, neither will help you figure out when your next doctor's appointment is… or tell you the cell phone number of the contact you worked with last year。


  In these days of Wikipedia and Google, the hardest information to find …can be your own. So, when is that appointment that you were looking for? What is the phone number you needed? Or, maybe the question is, “Where is the scrap of paper that you wrote it down on?” What Information Are You Missing?

  在有维基百科和谷歌的时代,最难找到的信息是有关你自己的。 那么,你寻找的那次预约在什么时候? 你需要的电话号码是多少? 或者,换这样的问题:你刚刚用来写东西的那张便签放哪儿了?你缺了哪些信息?

  None of these should be difficult… if you are capturing the important information in your life. Otherwise, each of these could be a full-blown research project and take quite a bit of your time to locate. The important part is capturing the information now, so that you have it when you need it。


  Here are 10 Pieces of Information That You'll Regret Not Capturing:


  1. Appointments  预约

  Do you write appointments down on scraps of paper or business cards? Don't take those appointment cards from the doctor's office and the like. Instead, put them directly into your calendar. (You always have your phone with you, right?)


  2. Big Ideas  奇思妙想

  When you get that million dollar idea, make sure you capture it. How many great ideas have you forgotten until someone else acted on it? Have a notebook for those fleeting moments of inspiration. A paper notebook works great or an app like Drafts works wonders on your phone。


  3. Phone Numbers  电话号码

  Always capture phone numbers, especially cell phone numbers. This action only takes a few taps on your phone. You never know when you will need that number again. Even better, you will know who is calling your when they are in your address book. People are surprised when they call me after extended timeframes and I greet them by name。


  4. Addresses  地址

  Even in the age of the Internet, it can be hard to get personal addresses. When someone sends you a note or card, always capture the return mailing address. You never know when you might want to return the gesture in the future。


  5. Reference Info  参考信息

  Capture those random reference pieces of information so that you have them when you least expect it. For example, the size of air filter that your home takes, or the special lightbulb that a device requires。


  6. Notes  便条

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