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  日期:2016-09-30 00:26:44
  英语字典和中国语法邂逅的美妙结晶 中式英语其实错得韵味十足 中式英语可能会被消灭。对于在中国讲英语的人来说,这个消息令人沮丧。中式英语指的是那种语法不对、拼写错误带有中文习惯的英语,主要见之于中国许多地方的标牌。这种语言风格吸引了一些狂热追随者,甚至
  日期:2013-07-03 01:31:00
  When you need a piece of information, is it at your fingertips? Or are you constantly chasing your info like papers in the wind? 当你需要一则信息时,它就在你手头吗?或者你总是像追逐飘在风中的纸片一般寻找你要的信息? It is important to capture those
为什么找不到工作 八成大学生在浪费生命
  日期:2013-05-30 01:32:27
  We talked to the one of the most vocal college skeptics in a growing national debate about the value of a degree. 在日益升温的关于学位价值何在的全国性讨论中,我们采访了一位知名的上大学怀疑论者。 Penelope Trunk, author of Brazen Careerist and widely
  日期:2013-04-14 00:39:09
  Stephen Hawking, who spent his career decoding the universe and even experienced weightlessness, is urging the continuation of space exploration for humanitys sake。 The 71-year-old Hawking said he did not think humans would survive another 1,000 ye
  日期:2013-04-02 01:58:04
  A new book confirms what most of us already suspecttiming is everything. In The Book of Times, which was published in early February, Lesley Alderman, a health and finance reporter, compiled data from hundreds of studies to offer insight into how we
  日期:2012-12-02 12:53:33
  More than any other entrepreneur, Bill Gates is the reason you're using a personal computing device to look at this story right now. For that, he became the world's richest man. Now, Gates is no longer the world's richest man because he's busy sp
  日期:2012-07-19 00:45:03
  丹麦人的幸福感源于平等;新加坡人的幸福感源于法律;印度加尔各答贫民窟的人的幸福感源于相互依靠彼此的心。 In Denmark, happiness comes from equality; in Singapore,happinesscomes from the rule of law; in the slums of Calcutta, India,happiness comes from
  日期:2012-05-14 02:30:18
  I don't know how God looks like but I am one hundred centpercent sure that he can't be better than you mom。 我不知道上帝是什么样,但是我肯定他不会比妈妈您更好。 I asked God for a flower and he gave me a garden; I asked Godfor a mom and he gave me t
  日期:2012-05-04 14:21:09
  今天是五四青年节,是14至28周岁之间的青年的节日。青年节对于你来说意义是什么?是半天的法定假日,还是在今天惆怅地回想一下当年?老男孩说青春如同奔流的江河 一去不回来不及道别,你还能过几个青年节? 年轻的时候你会不会对那些前辈和过来人的语重心长不屑一顾?
  日期:2012-02-01 10:07:16
  Personal Datas Value? Facebook Is Set to Find Out Robert Galbraith/Reuters An employee (雇员) at Facebook's headquarters (设立总部) in Menlo Park, Calif. The company, founded in 2004, now has some 800 million users. By SOMINI SENGUPTA and EVELYN M.
  日期:2011-12-15 07:21:55
  A planet more like Earth than any yet discovered has been identified as a potential future home for mankind. 天文学家最新发现了一颗被认为是迄今为止和地球最为相像的行星,而且被视为可能成为人类未来的居住地。 Kepler 22b contains both land and water and
大学生创业之路难 资金不足是关键
  日期:2011-11-23 10:17:29
  Faced with a tough job market, fresh graduates are dreaming of running their own businesses instead. But a recent survey has showed that such ambitions lack the required support and remain just that - dreams. The Shanghai Municipal Employment Promot
  日期:2011-08-23 13:22:44
  经常听到有人感叹现在的钱越来越不值钱了,什么都涨价,就是工资不涨。好不容易涨了一点工资,却发现远远赶不上物价飞涨的速度今天我们来学习一下如何用英语来抱怨上涨的物价吧! 1. Price is soaring. If it goes on like this, we shall not be able to keep the pot
火车失事 我们应该怎么做?
  日期:2011-08-04 03:35:25
  如果不幸遇到火车失事,车厢翻停的时候,乘客可能只有几秒钟的反应时间。那如何利用这短暂的时间来保证自己的安全呢? Step 1: Listen to all announcements on the PA and follow all directions given by the train driver, even if they contradict the instruction
日本核危机升级 邻国碘片热销
  日期:2011-03-22 12:32:18
  Japan crisis spikes demand for radiation pills 日本大地震及海啸引发核泄露事故后,与受灾地区相邻的国家和地区近日出现了抢购碘化钾(即碘片)的热潮。美国多家药店碘片脱销,主要供应商也不断接到订单和求购电话。在俄罗斯,因为25年前切尔诺贝利事件仍让人心有余
  日期:2011-03-22 12:26:41
  Tsunami Warning Signs You Should Know 日本3月11日发生特大地震引发海啸。电视画面显示,海啸迅速吞没了农田和房屋,汽车和船只被海啸席卷着撞上建筑物,造成了极大的人员伤亡和财产损失。让我们在哀悼灾难的同时,也来看一些海啸的求生技巧吧! The Japanese coined
  日期:2011-02-15 05:34:29
  Broody: As women's attitudes to marriage change it is men who are becoming keener to wed. It was always women who wanted to settle down and start a family, while men dragged their heels ... or so we thought. These days, it seems the ladies are being
My cyber love 网络情缘
  日期:2010-09-05 10:56:13
  I have frequented the same chat line for more than three years now and have made some wonderful online friendships. However I have become bored with the typical chat and Internet all together. So, I decided to take a break. After about a week of bei
  日期:2010-09-05 10:49:29
  一: 太把某些老师当回事儿了 不管是大学老师,中学老师,培训老师,他们永远都只是个阶梯,一个指导。老师的话绝对不是真理而只能作为参考。而中国的英文老师的英文水平是不一样的,经历是不一样的,他们的所谓英文的学习方法又绝对成不了真理,而只能作为个人学习英
  日期:2010-05-27 14:22:08
  Facebook's Privacy Changes: Are You Satisfied? After a few weeks of intense criticism, Facebook is redoing its privacy settings in a major way. Harry McCracken, Technologizer For years, Facebook has had a pretty consistent modus operandi: It breaks
中国为玉树地震遇难者举行全国哀悼 China to mourn quake victims
  日期:2010-04-21 05:13:02
  China to mourn quake victims (Xinhua) XINING -- Qinghai Province will hold mourning ceremonies Wednesday for more than 2,000 victims killed in a strong earthquake last week, the local government said Tuesday. National flags will fly at half-mast in
  日期:2010-02-23 03:21:54
  We now have a bubble in many cities, particularly the big ones' By Geoff Dyer 2010-02-23 Chenggong may still be largely empty but it is already attracting the attention of property speculators. At one of the town's many estate agents, a Mr Xin is ey
  日期:2010-01-20 10:57:29
  1. Google failed in China 1. 谷歌败走中国 Google's China operations contribute a small fraction of the company's overall revenue - the company doesn't disclose the amount, but analysts estimate it was a few percent of its total $21.8 billion in 2008
  日期:2010-01-13 02:16:41
  有不少青少年希翼在互联网上寻找真爱,然而,为数不少的人则沦为那些居心不良者的猎物,最终成为他们的牺牲品。本文讲述的是两个花季少女的真实故事:Elaine 与Lisa是一对很要好的网友,跟许多青少年一样,她们也都得到过大人们的忠告:网上会友危险多多。不过,她们自
奥巴马女郎英文报道 China's 'Obama Girl' Becomes Internet Hit
  日期:2009-12-10 06:29:34
  以下是来至美联社(The Associated Press )的一篇关于中国奥巴马女孩(王紫菲)的报道,注意标红部分词汇的用法。 China's 'Obama Girl' Becomes Internet Hit Forget Obama's speech, the Internet wants to know who the woman in the black dress was China's Inte
  日期:2009-12-06 00:22:52
  BBC中文频道的William收到读者来信,抱怨他上一次教大家的英语学习技巧很难真正实现。你说要学会新单词,就要多用。但我们都身在非英语的环境啊,怎么可能经常练习呢? 于是William通过一个故事来传达了他的观点: A few years ago I read a very touching article in
  日期:2009-10-07 05:23:50
  Middle-class teenagers are less intelligent than a generation ago due to the dumbing down of youth culture and school tests, a new study suggests. 最新研究显示,由于文化传播与校园教育的低能化,如今中产阶级家庭的青少年的智商要比他们的上代人偏低。 IQ
香港vs上海 Hong Kong v Shanghai: Global Rivals
  日期:2009-06-21 08:43:40
  By Steve Schifferes Globalisation reporter, BBC News, Shanghai, China Business seats on flights from Hong Kong to Beijing and Shanghai are now packed full on Monday mornings and Friday evenings, according to China's banking regulator, Liu Mingkang.
  日期:2009-05-20 01:02:31
  The Fairy-Tale Castle of Mad King Ludwig 令国王痴迷的童话城堡 Nestled in the mountains of Bavaria, the fairy-tale castle of Neuschwanstein (New Swan Castle) stands as a king's tribute to the chivalry and magic of a mythical age. The castle was the b
Chinese Students in the UK 在英国的中国学生
  日期:2009-04-22 23:38:34
  Two Chinese students, who are studying at British Universities, have been awarded prizes for being the best international students in their respective host countries . Psychology student Yusi Liu was crowned Welsh international student of the year w
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