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六、 Talking About Yesterday 谈论昨天的事
226. When did you get up yesterday morning? 你昨天早上几点起床?
227. At about seven. 七点左右。
228. I heard the clock, but I didn't get up until 9. 我听见闹钟了,但我捱到九点才起。
229. I woke up seven and got up right away. 我七点醒了,然后马上起床了。
230. I hurried to my office. 我匆忙赶到办公室。
231. I had my breakfast on the way. 我在路上吃的早饭。
232. I was just on time. 我刚好赶上。
233. I was 10 minutes late. 我迟到了五分钟。
234. I had lunch with a friend of mine. 我和我的一个朋友一块吃了午饭。
235. I finished my work at 6 p.m. 下午6点我下班了。
236. I stayed and did some extra work. 我留下加了一会儿班。
237. The TV programs were really boring, so I went to bed very early.
238. I read a magazine in bed. 我躺在床上看杂志。
239. I didn't sleep well. 我没睡好。
240. I slept soundly all night. 我整夜睡的很熟。

七、 Talking With Friends 与朋友聊天
241. Hi, Joe, is it really you? 乔,你好,真是你吗?
242. Hi, Ann. Nice to see you again. 安,你好。真高兴再次见到你。
243. It's been a whole year since I last saw you. 我整整一年没见你了。
244. Yes, but you look as pretty now, as you did then. 但你看起来还是那么漂亮。
245. Oh, thank you. How have you been these days? 欧,谢谢。这段时间你好吗?
246. Not too bad. 不太糟。
247. But you sound so sad. 但听起来你很悲伤。
248. Yes, I lost my pet cat yesterday. 是啊,昨天我的宠物猫丢了。
249. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. 听到这消息我很遗憾。
250. That's all right. 没事儿。
251. Have you seen Kate lately? 最近你看见凯特了吗?
252. No, I have no contact with her. 没有。我和她没有一点儿联系。
253. I heard she got married last week. 我听说她上星期结婚了。
254. Oh, how nice. Sorry, I've got to go now. 那真好。对不起,我必须得走了。
255. So do I. See you later. Keep in touch. 我也是,再见。记得联系哦。

八、 Talking About The Past 谈论过去
256. I used to take a walk in the early morning. 我过去常一大早出去散步。
257. He used to live in my neighborhood. 他曾与我是邻居。
258. Did you use to go fishing with friends? 过去你常和朋友钓鱼吗?
259. We have known each other for 6 years. 我们认识有六年了。
260. It has been a long time since last came here. 自从我上次来这里已经有很长时间了。
261. Have you seen Mr. Smith recently? 最近你见过史密斯先生吗?
262. They've been working on this project since last year.
263. I've been watching TV all night. 我看了一整晚的电视。
264. The movie began as soon as we got there. 我们一到那儿电影就开始了。
265. When I arrived at the station, the train had already left. 我到车站时,火车已经开了。
266. The late arrival of the ship had messed up all our plans.
267. I had thought he knew the time of the meeting. 我原以为他知道开会时间。
268. They had expected me to go with them. 他们原本希望我和他们一起去。
269. That was the third time that I had visited the place. 那是我第三次参观那地方了。
270. After I had finished my paper, I put it in the drawer. 我写完论文,就把它放在抽屉了。

九、 Asking About The Address 询问地址
271. Hi, Jack, where do you live now? 你好,杰克,你现在住哪儿?
272. I live at 203 Curzon Street. 我住在可胜街203号。
273. Curzon Street? Isn't Mary living there? 可胜街?玛丽不是也住那儿吗?
274. Yes, she lives just across the street. 是的,她就住在街对面。
275. How long have you stayed there? 你在那儿住多久了?
276. Just a few months. 才几个月。
277. How about Mary? How long has she lived there? 玛丽怎么样?她在那儿住多久了?
278. She's been living there since her birth. 她生下来就住那儿。
279. Will you stay there for long? 你会在那儿待很长时间吗?
280. No, I'll move to Hollywood next month. 不,我下个月搬到好莱坞去。
281. Oh, really? I'm moving there too. 真的?我也会搬到那儿去。
282. Great. Then we can drink beer together. 棒极了,我们可以一起喝啤酒了。
283. Yes, and you may stay there longer. 对,而且你也许会在那儿住久一些。
284. I hope so. 希望如此。
285. I'm sure we'll have a good time. 我相信我们会很开心的。

十、 Asking Questions 提问题
286. Where are you going? 你去哪儿?
287. Where did you go for dinner yesterday? 你们昨天去哪儿吃的饭?
288. When will he come to see you? 他什么时候来看你?
289. When did you buy the car? 你什么时候买的车?
290. Who told you? 谁告诉你的?
291. Who will accompany you to the airport? 谁将陪你去机场?
292. Why don't you agree? 你为什么不同意?
293. Why not go out for a walk? 干吗不出去散步?

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