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一、 Talking About Feelings 叙述感受
601. You look radiant tonight. 你今晚真是光彩照人。
602. It was a terrible experience. 那是一次可怕的经历。
603. I am on top of the world. 我高兴到了极点。
604. The dinner was wonderful. 晚餐棒极了。
605. The Christmas tree is gorgeous. 圣诞树真华美。
606. What a boring movie it is! 多么无聊的一场电影啊。
607. How can he give us such a tedious lecture! 他怎么能做这么沉闷乏味的演讲。
608. How fragrant the flowers are! 这些花真香!
609. The party is making too much noise. 这次聚会太吵了。
610. You look elegant in that dress. 你穿这条裙子显的很漂亮。
611. The coat doesn't suit you. 这件外衣不太适合你。
612. His flattery makes me sick. 他的恭维让我恶心。
613. We had a good time. 我们玩的很开心。
614. We enjoyed ourselves very much. 我们玩的很开心。
615. I am bored to death. 我无聊死了。

二、 Looking For A House 寻找住房
616. This house is for rent. 此房出租。
617. It's really a bargain. 租金很便宜。
618. I want to rent a furnished house. 我想要有家具的房子。
619. That house is for sale. It has central heating. 此房出售,房子里有供暖设备。
620. What kind of furniture do you like? 你喜欢什么样的家具?
621. This is a rather old house. It needs painting. 这房子挺旧的,得刷一下才行。
622. I want an apartment with two bedrooms and a kitchen.
623. The houses downtown are very expensive. 市区的房子很贵。
624. How much is the rent for a month? 每月租金多少?
625. I feel at home living here. The landlady is very kind to me.
626. We have a few kitchen things and a dining room set.
627. There's no gas range in the kitchen, but you can use the electric stove.
628. There is a shower in the bathroom. 浴室里有淋浴器。
629. I have a dog, but it's very quiet. 我有一只狗,不过它很安静。
630. The room has a big closet. You can put your baggage in it.

三、 Talking About Dressing 谈论衣着
631. What will you wear for the party? 晚会上你穿什么?
632. I'll wear my blue dress. 我会穿我的兰色裙子。
633. Don't you think it's too formal? 你不觉得太正式了吗?
634. Why? What will you wear? 为什么?你会穿什么?
635. Just my shirt and jeans. 我就穿衬衣和牛仔裤。
636. You should have your suit cleaned and ironed. 你应该把你的套装拿去洗烫一下。
637. You'd better put on your jacket. It's cold outside. 你最好穿上夹克,外面冷。
638. The blouse no longer fits me. 这件衬衣不再合我身了。
639. My son has outgrown these trousers. 我儿子已经长的穿不了这条裤子了。
640. The shoes are worn-out. 这鞋已经不能穿了。
641. I don't like wearing the uniform. 我不喜欢穿制服。
642. Do you want to change before the banquet? 宴会前你想换衣服吗?
643. Your shoe lace is loose. 你的鞋带松了。
644. You forgot to fasten the collar buttons. 你忘了系鞋带。
645. Take off your hat. It doesn't fit. 取下你的帽子,它不适合你。

四、 Expressing Different Opinions 表达不同的观点
646. He is a very creative student. 他是个很有创造力的学生。
647. What you have said about this is very interesting. 你说的很有意思。
648. I cannot agree with you on this point. 在这一点上,我不能同意你的意见。
649. You've got the point. 你抓住了问题的实质。
650. That's the point. 这正是问题的关键。
651. The whole class is in a heated discussion. 全班同学正在热烈讨论。
652. Let's just run through the arguments for and against.
653. Please sum up what you said just now. 请把你刚才说的总结一下。
654. Has anybody else anything to say on this? 关于这点,谁还有什么别的要说吗?
655. Does anybody share David's opinion? 有谁同意大卫的观点吗?
656. Is there any evidence to support what you have said? 有什么证据可以支持你的说法吗?
657. Well, it depends. 这得视情况而定。
658. I don't think it's necessary for us to discuss this question any further.
659. There are always two sides to everything. 每件是都有两面性。
660. Finally, we came to an agreement. 最后我们达成了一致。

五、 About Things In The future 考虑将来可能从事的活动
661. I want to be a journalist after graduation. 毕业后我想当记者。
662. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we'll have a picnic. 如果明天不下雨,我们就去野餐。
663. As soon as he comes, we'll let him know. 他一来,我们就告诉他。
664. You can stay as long as you pay the rent on time. 只要你按时交房租,你就能住这儿。

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