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  日期:2016-11-29 10:24:42
  1. Italy: Tiramisu 1. 意大利:提拉米苏 Meaning pick me up in Italian,it should be made from layers of ladyfingers dipped in coffee and heapedwith mascarpone cheese whipped with eggs and sugar, but many modern versions use sponge cake instead and so
  日期:2016-01-03 00:55:26
  As we come to the end of another year, we thinking about the New Year and the goals we want to accomplish. New Year's resolutions have gotten a bad rap because most people lose focus after the first few months of the year. They are, however, importa
  日期:2015-05-19 00:49:29
  PLAYING DUMB Stu: We all know about the success of the Fast and the Furious.大家或许早已耳闻《速度与激情》系列所取得的成功 After all the seventh movie is out now.该系列的第七部也在热映中 But todays term is not fast and its not furious. In actual fac
  日期:2015-03-31 00:14:05
  The shortest complete sentence in the English language consists of only one word and that is Go. 英语里由一个单词组成的最短的完整的句子就是GO。 ※ The oldest word in the English language is town. 英语里最有年头的一个词是town(城镇)。 ※ In England, t
  日期:2015-02-27 01:39:38
  羊的各种说法 sheep 羊, 通常是指绵羊 ewe 成年的母羊 a female adult sheep ram 成年的公羊 a male adult sheep lamb 羔羊 a baby sheep goat 山羊 英语 ( 课程 )里的羊成语 Black sheep 黑羊,比喻不按社会常规做事的人,或者是一个家庭中的叛逆者、败家子。 例句:
  日期:2014-12-31 01:23:16
  流利的口语,地道的发音,能用英语畅所欲言,摆脱中式英语是每个学英语的人的梦想,为你的发音和表达支招,练好英语口语。 1、练就假嗓子功夫: 说明:说英语时,声音浑厚,富有磁性,听起来像外国人 操作:每天跑步10分钟,一边跑步一边有节奏地喊1234,坚持10天见效
  日期:2014-02-17 02:22:38
  For me, Chinese New Year used to be fun. 对于我来说,过去感觉过年很有意思呢。 When I was a kid, I was excited during Chinese New Year when I got lai see and I could stay up late. I even had access to candy, a once-a-year treat while living under the
  日期:2013-12-06 00:51:41
  If youre not a millionaire, dont give up hope that you will become one someday. Take note of the reasons you arent a millionaire and resolve to make changes that will make a million dollars obtainable, even for the average person. 如果你现在不是百万
  日期:2013-09-16 10:48:08
  Life is short. It may feel like it takes forever sometimes, but the reality is that you live, and a short time later, you die. It happens so quickly, many people dont even realize they had a life until its already over。 生命如此短暂。我们有时候觉得
  日期:2013-05-09 03:37:07
  A recent Gallup poll, quoted in The Atlantic, found that well-being rises with income at all levels of income, across countries. In other words, as the article's title states, the poll proves that Yes, Money Does Buy Happiness. 《亚特兰大报》刊登了
  日期:2013-03-13 02:16:09
  Everyone experiences unhappy times on occasion, but there is a big difference between experiencing a temporary bout of sadness and living a habitually unhappy life. Thats what chronically unhappy people do. 每个人都会时不时地觉得不开心,但是偶然觉得
  日期:2013-02-26 01:34:47
  Over 27? Unmarried? Female? In China, you could be labelled a leftover woman by the state - but some professional Chinese women these days are happy being single。已经过了27岁?未婚?女性?如果这些你都符合,那在中国你就会被打上剩女的标签。不过如今很
  日期:2013-01-27 00:12:08
  No matter how diverse their goals or crafts, the super-achievers shared many of the same habits. How can you follow in their footsteps? These are the 10 qualities that will set you apart. 不论目标或技艺多么五花八门,成功人士都有很多共同的习惯。那怎
  日期:2013-01-15 04:13:26
  Speaking two languages can actually help offset some effects of aging on the brain, a new study has found. 一项新研究发现,说两种语言实际上能够帮助消除衰老对大脑的影响。 Researchers tested how long it took participants to switch from one cognitive t
  日期:2012-11-29 12:31:29
  一、多少事,从来急;天地转,光阴迫。一万年太久,只争朝夕! (毛泽东《满江红和郭沫若同志》) 引用者:尼克松 (美国第37任总统) 背景说明:1972年2月21日美国总统尼克松访华时,曾在祝酒词的最后引用毛泽东《满江红和郭沫若同志》一词中的句子:Chairmanhas written
  日期:2012-11-25 12:01:29
  What do employers' value? What are they really looking for? As a job seeker, employee, and/or a business of one, you will want to develop and promote the following 10 qualities in terms that are quantifiable and meaningful to your future or current
  日期:2012-10-21 10:37:54
  Of all the things that can be stolen from you your possessions, your youth, your health, your words, your rights what no one can ever take from you is 有的东西是可以被偷走的你的财产、你的青春、你的健康、你的文字、你的权力而有的东西是谁也偷不走的 1.
  日期:2012-10-16 02:18:24
  The alarm bell goes off. You slowly open your eyes. A new day lies before you. A day of unexplored potential and opportunities. How can you make it more likely to become a positive and good day? 闹铃响起,你慢慢睁开眼睛。眼前又是新的一天。充满未知可
三十而立太晚 二十几岁才是人生的关键
  日期:2012-10-09 02:01:32
  The best and worst part about being a twenty-something is that every decision you make can change the rest of your life. Once you're in your 30's or 40's, it gets harder and harder to reinvent yourself. In this QA with Dr. Meg Jay, the clinical psyc
  日期:2012-06-06 07:36:07
  Barack Obama gave a fifth-grader the perfect excuse for missing a day of school on Friday a signed note explaining the boys absence. 上周五,美国总统奥巴马为一位五年级的男生亲笔写下假条,这简直是世界上最完美的逃课理由了。 Tyler Sullivan, from Roches
生命中的五个球 Five Balls of Life
  日期:2012-05-27 00:56:51
  生命不是一场赛跑, 而是一步一个脚印的旅程。别为生活找借口,过去已成历史,未来充满未知,活在当下,努力当下。 In a university commencement address several years ago, Brian Dyson, CEO of Coca Cola Enterprises, spoke of the relation of work to ones other
  日期:2012-05-27 00:48:31
  1. Am I taking care of myself? Sometimes we get so wrapped up in taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves. It can be so easy to leave ourselves behind. 我照顾好自己了吗?有时候,我们太过于关心他人从而忘记了去照顾自己。这很容易
  日期:2012-05-12 09:33:20
  Your co-workers are judging you. Beneath a veneer of professional collegiality, they're taking note of the mess on your desk, how loudly you chew, even your word choices。 同事们会对你评头论足。在团队协作的外表下,你乱糟糟的办公桌、你咀嚼时的声音之
  日期:2012-05-04 14:15:25
  Although Chinese snack foods are almost unheard of outside of the country, some native dishes from southeast China's Shaxian county have made a big splash domestically with the opening of several Shaxian snack bars in major cities。 Eleven years ago
  日期:2012-03-16 16:33:59
  How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People: 5 Effective Tips by HENRIK EDBERG Image: jurvetson When you are content to be simply yourself and dont compare or compete, everybody will respect you. Lao Tzu One destructive (破坏的) habit is to const
  日期:2012-02-10 08:34:17
  Internet Users to Get New Rights Under EU Data Protection Proposals By Jennifer Baker, IDG News Internet users in the European Union will benefit from greater control over their personal data if new proposals(提议) to reform the Data Protection Dire
  日期:2012-02-01 09:04:33
  10 First Job Fashion Essentials 第一份工作的10个时尚着装技巧 Make a fashion statement (声明) right off the bat when you start your new job. Hugh Sitton/Digital Vision/Getty Images It's official: Your days of visors (遮阳板) and aprons (围裙) are ove
  日期:2011-12-21 06:19:14
  North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has died at the age of 69, state-run television has announced. 朝鲜国家电视台宣布,领导人金正日逝世,享年69岁。 Mr Kim, who has led the communist nation since the death of his father in 1994, died on a train while vis
  日期:2011-09-24 02:48:45
  生活中有许多幸福的片断,只是我们经常忽视。两个人的相处需要无尽的包容,当生气的时候,多想想对方的好,想想幸福的点滴,一切困难都算不了什么。 A man and his girlfriend were married. It was a large celebration. 一个男人和他的女朋友结婚,举行了一场盛大的
  日期:2011-01-11 12:04:02
  2010 A year when the earth s hook and millions struggled to survive. The UN mobilized reliefand was called on to provide long-term solutions for the planet, for peace, nuclear disarmament, climate change and universal human rights. 2010年,这一年发
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